Monday, April 1, 2013

Survival Tactix: Ask for More.....

TNA is bringing Full Metal Mayhem back. TNA is bringing Petey Williams back. TNA has left the Impact Zone behind. TNA is making new champions. TNA is recruiting OUTSIDE of WWE. TNA is saving their fans money each month in favor of bringing a solid, well built card that is steeped in lasting feuds that have been building for months...all to make the hard earned dollar well spent. Here's my challenge.....ask for more....

In 6 months' time, TNA has done something spectacular....they've come to look like a contender in the face of Wrestlemania's glint and glam. Do I think TNA has the momentum to put up numbers in Boston like they did in Texas? Absolutely. In fact, with the explanation of Bully Ray of how his plan came about, which was genius, by the way, they swayed some serious critics. As I've stated before, I DO read the analysis of some of the major players in the IWC and even THEY have admitted to have been skeptical, at first, but were won over by the explanation of how everything was played out.

My question right now is very simple......what more could we, as fans of TNA ask for?

King of the Mountain?
House of Fun?
Last Rites?

These are only match types, but performers are beginning to see how much TNA is growing as a company and that there is much more room available within the company as they take on new challenges. I have to believe that there's a way to bring about a second show that hasn't been utilized thus far. If THAT were to happen, the sky is truly the limit for those who have had to ride the bench for as long as they have. If I were running the roost, I would probably use the house show during the week as the taping for the second show INSTEAD of holding a true house show. Whether this would work or not would depend entirely upon how well the storylines are constructed AND when they would choose to air said show.

Keep in mind, these are just me thinking out loud, so to speak.

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