Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Survival Tactix: Battlefield 2....TNA's Reckoning

In news to perk interest, Dixie Carter refers to a GM "War Room Draft". What could this mean? Well, if you subscribe to a military application to the current climate of the show, it could mean that Hogan is going to mandate a group of guys to serve as moderators surrounding the ring as Bully Ray and he have their little face to face we've been waiting to see for some time. I covered some options in another column, but this little something poses something I hadn't thought of, which is a refreshing thought. Imagine that, a pro wrestling company pushing me to think outside the box!

There is simply no good way to transition from TNA's high point to WWE, so I'll just use the best words I can to explain it. I TOLD YOU SO! I'm sure you're wanting to know why I'm gloating and with good reason. In the week following Wrestlemania, The Rock was inexplicably absent from television. The WWE Universe was told Rocky had sustained an injury at Wrestlemania and may require surgery. If that weren't enough, a story began to emerge that Mr. Johnson was at a movie premiere just 5 days after the event, smiling grandly.

Varying reports still swirl around that The Rock has had surgery and even posted pics, which I would rather NOT see, but now something new has begun to surface.....The Rock apparently wants out. It was reported by that when Rocky first decided to make a return, Vince was the orchestrator and man in charge and as such gave The Rock everything he asked for, from another title run all the way to working with John Cena. What began to turn everything south was a personal distaste for Vince's son-in-law, Triple H, who was been given even more control over backstage decisions and had become involved in the talks The Rock had been having with WWE. As stories vary here as well, it IS clear that the two don't see eye to eye and when talk of working a program with Brock Lesnar once more began, Rock said he wasn't interested and, as a result, talks began falling apart, leading to COMPLETE uncertainty as to whether or not he's actually done wrestling for good. Truth be told, if he ISN'T done, there is THAT reason to think that one old friend may be able to sway his allegiances elsewhere. Who? Jeff Jarrett. I'll let that sink in.....

Two other stories from within WWE came to me that make me believe the entire thing is just waiting to come off the rails....first up? Cody Rhodes. In the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, it was communicated to him that he'd be wrestling on the card, but at the last minute, things changed and he was pulled. Rhodes was said to be furious and has been upset with WWE Creative for some time now over his role in the company as he was led to believe he was going to be a major player in the days to come. His Twitter account is no longer active and he's gone somewhat underground in terms of his demeanor towards upper management.

Lastly is the WWE Title situation. Ryback and Mark Henry are also on the fast track to furious over their treatment at the "Grandest Stage on Earth". Ryback was another who was given the bait and switch when he was told that he'd be given the title and then was thrown off the trail. Granted, he's being primed as the man to challenge Cena and may even come out of Extreme Rules champion, but his demeanor hasn't changed. Related to that, Mark Henry also voiced concerns with his return to television going so far as to tell the execs that if he wasn't going to be a major player in the coming months, he wouldn't return at all.

Maybe my title isn't as appropriate as it might be if it were to read "WWE's Reckoning", but what all of this is to show is that WWE isn't without bald spots in their armor. TNA is doing well and needs to continue keeping their product fresh as it is beginning to show signs of life after the punctuation of Bully Rays promos segments explaining the agenda of the Aces and Eights, but if things continue to play out as they have been, with little movement on the major fronts, we'll see even more viewership losses as we're already beginning to see right now. So maybe my title IS appropriate after all....interesting....

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