Sunday, April 21, 2013

Survival Tactix: Face to Face....

Thursday, TNA is advertising a possible face off between Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan. We now have the potential for some closure.....or something else....The way I see it, we have any number of ways this whole event could go down.

1. Bully Ray and Hogan have the face off and Hogan is beaten down, which brings out Hogan's heroes in Angle, Joe, Magnus, and James Storm, with a bandaged but resolute Jeff Hardy in tow. This, in turn, brings out the rest of the Aces and Eights, leading to a rather brutal beatdown on the heroes, but then the lights go out and when they come on again, there stands Sting, AJ, and Matt Morgan with equalizers in hand and they work on the Aces and Eights and just when it appears that they're the heroes, they turn on Hogan's Army and dispatch them as well to end the show.

2. There IS no face to face and instead we have another beatdown of Joseph Park, drawing him into his character story, possibly leading to a return of Abyss.

3. Hogan and Bully Ray face off and we get promo-mania leading to a possible in-ring return in some sort of street fight rules confrontation.

In the interest of seeing TNA getting to the peak of public awareness, for my money I say the first is best. It allows for a greater length and more weaves and turns, including the return of Abyss, the influx of some of the old Gut Check guys, and even the potential of a female ambassador. If all things were equal, I'd pick Sofia Cortez to side with the Aces, Lei'd Tapa to side with TNA, and Taeler Hendrix to side with Sting's Squad.

The point is, right now is prime real estate in terms of TNA's path of growth. The Gut Check tourney challengers are looking pretty good. So long as Lufisto, Chase Stevens, and Shanna get in, I'll be happy. In the meantime, I patiently await TNA's announcement that the Televised Tournament begins soon. It'll be something special and you can take that to the bank.

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