Monday, April 8, 2013

Survival Tactix: Glancing Sideways.....

From an interested fan of stats as they relate to Wrestlemania this year......

Just an observation.....nearly HALF of the card's matches were over by 7:57, when I began following the event. On another note, there was no Diva's Title Match, Intercontinental Title Match, or US Title Match on the show itself and, aside from the normal inflated opinions of The Undertaker's performance,  the card seemed like a lame duck. Since I've only seen a few highlights and have little interest in filling in the gaps, I'll simply state that Wrestlemania season isn't what it used to be. If you feel like disputing that fact, watch Wrestlemania X8 and then go back and watch Wrestlemania'll see the difference.

I'm of the opinion that TNA is STILL the company to watch right now due to the magnificent leaps forward they've made into the year. This is a company that WILL compete with the big dog soon enough. If anyone has any impression that Full Metal Mayhem coming out of Wrestlemania week was coincidence, put that thought aside. TNA knew full well that there would be a lot of disappointed fans with the card WWE put together. SO, they pulled together a strong card to try and upstage the "granddaddy of them all".

Tag Team Title Match-2 of 3 Falls (If Chavo and Hernandez lose, they disband)
World Title Match- Full Metal Mayhem
Gut Check Decision
AJ Styles gives his decision

Bet on something unexpected to come of all the secrecy, because TNA is keeping their lips sealed. No news has come out of Nashville since Dixie Carter met Stephanie McMahon for the first time last week. Usually, no news is good news. I still hold that this will hold true again.

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  1. you've been saying TNA will "compete with the big dog" since day one...haven't really seen any competition in your camp either... aces & eights is just a cheap knock-off of the invasion storyline. it got old after the first couple months. not sure if you heard the raw crowd tonight, but i'd say it was probably the best crowd in over 10 years