Saturday, April 6, 2013

Survival Tactix: Let No Man Separate....

Bully isn't divorcing Brooke....which means we're all stuck with her until only the Almighty knows when. *sigh* It's not that she COULDN'T do the job, but her execution of some of the simplest things has seemed so labored and foreign that she may as well have not tried. She's NOT a "natural", as her father has put it, on more than one occasion.

So how would I do things differently? Now HERE'S the fun part.....

First, I would force this whole bad husband thing into a place where SHE provides the divorce papers and puts a restraining order on him. This provides her with a way out, since Hulk isn't going to "fire" Bully Ray. Exit Brooke from my TV screen.

Who replaces her? NOW we're getting to a place I really would rather talk about. See, the wrestling landscape, in my eyes is teeming with former champions who could fit the bill. Let's explore.....

Lita- As much as this would be a fun idea, her current relationship with a certain former WWE Champion *cough* CM Punk *cough* would put a conflict of interest into a potential working relationship that she might otherwise have had.

Trish Stratus.....This one couldn't be more obvious, but stranger things HAVE happened. Tara went so far as to "retire" from the big E just to get out from under her contract. HOWEVER, since she's under contract to WWE for even a Legends deal, this one is also out of the question.

Ivory.....NOW we're getting into a possibility. Provided she has any kind of interest at all in putting her feet back into the business, even if only a rudimentary way, she'd DEFINITELY be a candidate. She's a former champion on the big stage, she's got a look that could be workable. She can DO those simple things I mentioned that Brooke cannot.

I'm doing my best to put possibilities behind someone who could STILL mix it up if she had to, in order to get the job done. SO, that narrows my field of interest to a few people.

Nikki Roxx.....This might come as a shock to some, but IF she were to be confronted with the prospect of not having to worry about job security, being treated more fairly than she was in the past, AND being featured in a more prominent way, she'd be ONE of few who could do the work demanded and then some.

Molly Holly.....If ANY of you remember a column from a long time back, she was my pick to replace Karen Jarrett. That opinion hasn't changed. Her name might have to, but with trademarks only lasting maybe 10 years, she may not have to, provided TNA picks up the name before WWE gets the chance to renew. In any case, she's my first choice yet again as she still has name value AND the credibility to be able to earn some much needed respect for the Knockouts Division as a renowned worker during her wrestling career.

Traci Brooks......This one is ALSO possible. Why she was never considered, I'll never know. They DID have the chance to make use of her shortly following the Karen Jarrett saga, but they didn't. It made little sense to me at the time, but it makes more sense now.....they wanted to give someone from OUTSIDE a chance to do the work. Now that Brooke hasn't fit the bill, I think Traci would ALSO make a good VP.

Madison Rayne.....WAIT!! WHAT!??!?! Yep, you read that right. See, here's the thing. She's pregnant. She can't get back into the ring for a while. I say why not? Could they still write her back into the division once she's able to compete at her normal pace? Absolutely, but this would be a way for the public who have been fans, like myself, to not forget about her actually being a part of the division.

Whatever the case, Brooke's time as the Knockouts VP needs to come to an end. The storyline almost demands it. If they had to, TNA could simply close that title and rank down and just not have replacement at all, but since they HAVE had a VP for as long as they have, it may not take, but I digress.

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  1. I know that opinions are like ..., I'm sure you know where I'm taking that one, but please jump off that Traci Brooks bandwagon. The only difference between her a Miss Hogan is that she can wrestle and she's only just a bit above mediocre at that.