Saturday, April 6, 2013

Survival Tactix: The Numbers.....

There has been some discussion as to the end. The finish. Where it all goes to die. You won't get any denial from me. I've been wondering too. Where does the Aces and Eights storyline finish? Is the World Title all there is? If the World Title is the final stop, then the end is nearer than anyone can possibly imagine. IF, however, it isn't the World Title, but rather the entire COLLECTION of titles, THEN we have something to talk about. Bear in mind that if TNA has a full blown roster war in mind, which would be AMAZING, if done properly, there are THREE parties involved. Face, heel, and loner; representing elements of both.

Another key element here is knowing who's in charge. Since Eric Bischoff became the Executive Producer for TNA, some of his fingerprints have been on this story. Part of the appeal is that some things that worked 20 years ago still work today. Mystery factions, mysterious intentions, and a loner who doesn't speak.....sound familiar? Hulk Hogan wants us to remember. So where is the twist? How about the one he's been referring to? Sting.

TNA already has a lone gunman in AJ Styles. The question Sting the beginning of a new stable and if so, to what end? I've made overtures towards a roster war for a while now, and it makes me stop and consider exactly what the implications are. Do we have another look at history and the splintered nWo factions? Do we look at both vs. WCW, which was the exception to the WarGames format in the first place? Where do we find some answers?

I'd like to ask a few more questions, if I may. Last year, Devon was "released" from his contract and then returned as the Sergeant at Arms for the Aces and Eights. Rob Van Dam's contract "supposedly" ended at the end of March. In a recent interview, he told the reporter he'd be returning to television soon, but wouldn't go further into explaining where he'd be working. Is he joining up? Is he defecting? Or is he another member of a faction? Are there OTHER X Factors? Crimson? Sam Shaw? Alex Silva? How about Jay Bradley?

The point to all of this is simple. TNA has been planning the end of this for the past two months. Does anyone really think they don't know where they're going? Looking at the promos Bully Ray cut explaining the precision of the Aces and Eights gambit, you'd be a fool to think otherwise. Now, consider all the excess people sitting on the bench right at this moment. THIS is the best way to use as many people as possible without having to create a storyline for each one. AND, as a bonus, it allows for this third dark cowl faction to be integrated into the current setting, making room for even more people to find their way onto the television screen. Any MORE questions?

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