Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Survival Tactix: One in the Gut.....CHECK.....

For those of you who remember the DISASTER that was the Gut Check Voting bracket system, you're in for a 1 day, TNA restarts the WHOLE thing. As for those who will qualify? This is where it gets interesting.....Each bracket is only open for 2 days. This beats the last system, where the whole system would have taken FOREVER just to get the brackets narrowed down.

NOW, I want to stress that some of the performers on the last set of ballots aren't there on this round, but this isn't saying all is for naught. For the record, I'm not all that excited with SOME of the selections in the first few rounds of voting. I AM, however excited about a few that, in my opinion NEED to be picked up ultimately.

Lufisto......I don't care who gets passed up by voting for her. She NEEDS to be HIGH priority on TNA's list of definitives.

Sugar Dunkerton....He's got charisma, a stand out persona, and a desire to be added to TNA. From MY perspective, these are MUST haves. Add to that a natural talent in ring, and you've got a versatile character.

Facade......He's one part Amazing Red, one part Sabu, one part Christian York and THAT equals 100% worth watching.

Shanna....."Portugal's Perfect Athlete" makes ME think twice about how things in the brackets can be shifted. The fact that she's in Dunkerton's bracket makes me take two sides of the roster building coin. On one side, she'd be amazing on a bigger stage AND perfect for the Knockouts Division as a standout pick up. On the OTHER hand, Dunkerton would make a strong contender in the mid-card, to start, just to see where it could go.

Chase Stevens....What can I say? He's a "Natural". What's NOT to like? His mic skills are untested, but he's an undeniable contender in ring, he can be flexible in terms of his position divisionally, and he's got the size to be a menacing foil to Matt Morgan or any other big man, for that matter.

Keep in mind these are just a FEW from over 150 on the list. Tomorrow the first bracket choice is Holly Rocamura. On the first set of listings, her name was Holly Davis. Why her? She has a unique look AND she could play the psycho part to offset the likes of Gail Kim OR Tara, provided she can hang in ring.

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