Thursday, April 4, 2013

Survival Tactix: To Do List.....

Well, if you're reading this, today is a red letter day for you. Why? Because there is a great deal of stuff that you can do to put TNA, and yourself in a better place than you were before. You want to know what I'm talking about....good. I was hoping you'd ask. Lemme give you the rundown.

1. Join the loyalty program. If you haven't logged into TNA's website, you'd have no way of knowing what I'm talking about, but then, you also probably wouldn't be reading this blog either. In any case, the loyalty program, humoring those who DON'T know, is TNA's way of giving back to those who visit their website. Each time you visit, you get loyalty points, which you can then redeem for options in their catalog. Fair warning, if you go to TNA's FACEBOOK page, you'll have a much better chance of seeing the thing in its entirety. For whatever reason, if I try to access the catalog on their website, I can't see the whole thing. Go figure. In ANY case, you can pick up all kinds of free stuff. Free shipping on orders, 10% off coupons, action figures, even a Brown Bag Special, if you've got the fortitude to powerhouse in everyday and earn 30,000 points. If you haven't been, you should.

2. Vote. If you haven't been to TNA's website, go for THIS reason above all others today, even if it's just to have a long hard look at what TNA has for their selections. You might be pleasantly surprised as to who's on the radar. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning. Most of the people on the list show enough promise to be ON the list, but not enough to move further than that.....hence the selection process to be aided by YOU. This is something WWE would NEVER do. Why? Because THEY want to pick who you like. Not the other way around.

3. Watch. Tonight is the return of Petey Williams, people. If you have no idea who that is, you haven't been watching long enough and should simply go to YouTube and get yourself an education. By the way, on a sidenote: Those who have no idea who he is, you probably believed the Spear or the F5 were the greatest thing since sliced bread, but until you get a view of the Canadian Destroyer, you had no idea how wrong you were.

ALSO, tonight marks the debut match of Taryn Tarrell. If you haven't seen her perform in ring, give HER a look on YouTube as well. She isn't polished as of yet, but she has more skill than just about anything Vince is giving a shot these days. I like to put it to people like this....if Taryn puts her mind and effort into her ring performance the way Tess did, the Knockouts Division will be FINALLY getting back on track.

For one last reason to watch, we've seen how Bully Ray did is the face-to-face between he and his bride. For the first time since Lockdown, Brooke and Ray have it out. Even if this is nothing more than story advancement, I'm all in. Why? Because in spite of all the seemingly wasted time, Bully Ray's promos tightened the storyline back up, making things look FAR better NOW than they looked when they were happening, or NOT happening, as the case certainly looked.

Before I go any further, I'd like to ask those at TNA's Creative Control if they have any news about what will come of the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Anything? Here's a newsflash to you guys, you've still got Eric Young on TV! He IS one of the Co-Holders of said DO realize that, yes? Just saying, it MIGHT behoove you to retire the belts or DO SOMETHING WITH THEM! Okay, I've stopped the "hulking" rant. Returning to normal.

Here's the point to all of this.....if you've been away, come on back. If you already watch, don't break the trend. If you have no clue what to watch tonight, give TNA a shot. With so much on tap for Impact tonight, you won't be disappointed.

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