Monday, May 13, 2013

Survival Tactix: Hogan, Ace, and the King of the Mountain....

It begins the same way......I go to read the work of another columnist who has heard something or knows someone who knows something about the plans TNA has in their back pocket. Well, today was no different. I heard something today that made my little ears perk up and gave me pause. There was a rumbling that AJ Styles has a secret ally. Right now, Styles has been biding his time, allowing the two sides to come to blows in order to reintroduce a dark figure to bring TNA back to order.

So here's how the story goes.....Hogan and Ray decide to bring their teams to a final encounter with the stipulations dealing with two things: The Disbanding of the Aces and Eights and the Voluntary Exile of Hulk Hogan from TNA. With both items on the line, the upper tier of management of TNA determines that BOTH need to be purged from the organization. SO, AJ Styles assembles what is assumed to be HIS team, but in secret, another man has promised Dixie and the management team that he will rid TNA of Hogan AND the Aces and Eights for good. The man? Jeff Jarrett.

Here's what I know as of the moment: Hulk Hogan's contract only has 6 or 7 months left....meaning he's potentially done with TNA January 1st of 2014. What THIS means is that TNA could put together a break from their already sanctioned 4 PPV schedule to have FINAL RESOLUTION live up to its namesake. Final Resolution would be the exile of Hogan AND the disbanding of the Aces and Eights in one night at the hands of AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Daniels, Kazarian, James Storm, Bobby Roode, and Abyss.

Another little side note to this story? Since Hogan and Bischoff would be potentially leaving at the turning of the new year, TNA may NOT renew the services of two MORE talents: Garett and Brooke. I wish there were words for how THAT makes me feel, but since there aren't I'll simply say this: Good bye and good riddance.

Now IF Jeff Jarrett comes to TV within the next 3 months, we'll be able to assume there is some merit to the story, but if he doesn't? Well, it could be a long finish to the year......

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  1. What? Really?
    You always come out with these potential storyline spoilers BUT none ever happen! Who are ur sources.

    What happened to the likes of Chris Master joining TNA or being a Ace n Eights member? Or Sabin teaming up with AJ or when you said there will be 3 factions etc. etc.

    Your a decent writer but you come out with some crazy info.