Sunday, May 19, 2013

Survival Tactix: Moving.....

With next week on the horizon, I'm forced, based on my previous misgivings, to conclude that TNA's treatment of Slammiversary has so many facets of possible twists and turns that I have no real clue where it's all headed. Could it bring back Jeff Jarrett on the heels of Hulk Hogan's departure? Maybe. Could it lead to a three team war that culminates with far reaching consequences? Conceivably. But could it be that instead, that it simply allows AJ Styles to become World Champion as a member of the Aces and Eights and for Team TNA to ultimately engage in a two faction battle? Yes. I'm forced to conclude that, yes, this could all be just as it appears with no twists and a linear story that will unfold without a turn that shocks the masses, but I doubt it.

I've conceded that my predictions could be wrong for this thing, but I have a question. Wouldn't it be cool if it DID lead to a war on three fronts? One side wants to take over everything and hold it with an iron grip. Another is righteously angry for crimes tasked by that regime in their rise. And lastly, a side that is angry for the crimes, but is also angry that the managerial leader has taken their home so far from it's origins that it allowed these atrocities to take place to begin with. How long would THAT take to flesh out on television?

If Styles is patched in next week, it isn't the point of no return. Slammiversary, in my humble opinion, would be that point as it is the place where a line in the sand is drawn and, once the lights have faded there, Impact will sort out the chips as they've fallen. So if Styles is put into a place where the Aces and Eights storm the ring and AJ turns on the faction and THEN crushes Angle anyway, we'll have our answer, at least in part. But it could just as easily end with the faction wanting to make an example of TNA's longest running golden boy by using him as a pinata. If THAT happens, we could see any number of scenarios take form. From Matt Morgan making the save to Team TNA coming out in spite of the patching in and apparent siding with the enemy, hoping to win their comrade at arms back. Fact is, as I stated in the last column, a great deal is at stake here.

While the subject is fresh on my mind, WWE news and rumors from the mill have said a great deal in the recent few weeks. Here's a few.....

- Jake "the Snake" Roberts may make a return to WWE as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble.
- Scott Hall and Kevin Nash may reunite for a one shot in WWE with a short term program with the Shield.
-Spring cleaning is in full bloom as WWE just released 7 talents from their developmental program, one of which was on injured reserve.

Save for the last item in this list, everything else is pure speculation, so take it all with a grain of salt, folks. As for the spring cleaning? WWE's gotten a sticky pyro finger, firing far too many people for their own good. It's really too bad too, because it just means they simply can't allow patience to creep in. Oh well, I suppose TNA will have to swoop in for at least ONE in their numbers......

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  1. i think you may have missed an idea. what if aj is TNA's inside man. aj could join aces and eights to bring them down from the inside. this could be how d-lo was used before he was unmasked helping tna get the jump on aces and eights leading to him turning on them in the battle at BFG