Saturday, May 25, 2013

Survival Tactix: Renewed Circumstances....

So....let me get this straight.....AJ Styles ISN'T a member of the Aces and Eights AND ALSO isn't a member of Team TNA. I guess this is the time for me to say "I told you so", right? WRONG! I would never.....okay, I kinda would, but really, it's not the point. The point I want to make here is that AJ Styles is the wild card. He's the beginning of something coming to put the faction to rest.

But the Aces and Eights scenario is only the top side of the card, moreorless. The X Division, the Knockouts Division with a newly christened heel champion, and the newly reformulated Tag Team Division is TNA's anchor, giving them a fine balanced position moving into this summer's events. I believe that AJ Styles will finally put Bully Ray's title reign to rest. If I could predict HOW, I think we'd all have to agree that two ways stick out as the most likely....

1. AJ Styles challenges Bully Ray outright or as a third man at Bound for Glory.

2. AJ Styles enters and wins the Bound for Glory Series.

As a sidenote, it make become a story point that AJ Styles enters the BFG Series and loses and THEN challenges Bully Ray as the third man in a Three Way Dance as a condition of the Final Resolution 2012 Three Way Stipulation. The fact is that little tidbit could conceivably stretch out for a couple of weeks just to find out if it COULD happen, let alone if it ends up that way.

So where does the mysterious third faction come into play? Here's the thing....maybe it doesn't. I'll go out on a limb and say that maybe there WON'T be a third faction and that it may simply have been my mind with a sort of "wouldn't it be cool if...." type of scenario, but it makes sense for a third faction to rise up, particularly if TNA wants to elevate more talent above the lower or mid card into the forefront of their product. Why NOT feature new or rising talents by putting them into the cover story TNA is executing at the moment? It'd put a bullet once and for all into the argument of TNA not pushing new or homegrown talents.

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