Friday, May 10, 2013

Survival Tactix: Twist of Fate.....

Magnus was ready. He was eliminated from entering the match. Kurt and Sting went for over 10 minutes without a partner. I suppose the question COULD have been if AJ was going to cut in and take Kurt into the parking lot for a brawl, in which case, Sting would have been left all by his lonesome, but it wasn't the case. Instead, TNA puts a twist into the mix and pulls a trigger that, if done correctly, could truly put things on the track to resolution and wind down the saga of the Aces and Eights.

I still see a few "this is boring" posts, but it seems like people are just wanting to see where it all goes, which is good. It shows that people are being patient, but I'll admit, without things moving a bit more forward, it DOES get tedious. This is going to be something TNA HAS to be careful of in the coming weeks. Punctuating everything with an appearance by Abyss was a treat that was welcome and it'll be interesting to see exactly how this whole thing plays out. I was under the impression THAT portion of the story wasn't going to be played out until a bit down the road, but I'm glad they made a choice to move forward with it as Abyss needs to have a place in all of this.

I HAVE been wondering what their explanation would be for his reappearance. In the beginning of the Aces and Eights storyline, wasn't it Abyss who made a warning to his brother about something coming if he dug too deeply into his disappearance from TV the LAST TIME? It gets me wondering how much of the story they'll actually reveal as a part of that history or if they'll base it all on something else entirely.

I'm booking Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles at Slammiversary right now. I'm betting that's the plan right now in order to make a real run at gaining some paying fans in the seats and this one is a sure thing. People want to see exactly what Styles is going to do and I STILL think we'll see Matt Morgan play a part in the rise of Styles into the big picture of the Bound for Glory card. As for what that part will be? THAT is a question to be revealed in the coming weeks, I'm betting.

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