Thursday, May 9, 2013

Survival Tactix: Yahoo!? Wrestling Commentary?!

A recent article from Yahoo! held TNA up to the light against WWE and asked the question "Could TNA compete or overshadow WWE?" As I read their assessment, I shook my head and closed the window on my computer screen. Why? Because it became crystal clear that the writer of the article either hadn't been watching TNA's product or simply didn't care enough to do the digging and put his commentary to any productive use. I've had enough of people claiming to be impartial and yet flying WWE's colors with glee with their eyes closed.

I can't, however, get too upset with Yahoo! for their sparkling look into the world of professional wrestling because, let's face it....this isn't their world. No fan checks in with Yahoo! for their daily fix of wrestling news. Now, I realize that I haven't been as frequent with posts here in the present, but I hope this will change in the coming weeks to a more consistent format.

SO....let's have a look at the TNA landscape, shall we?

I think the thing people are having the most trouble with these days is Matt Morgan's loss to Sting this past week ramping things up for Slammiversary. I have to ask why. Why are people down on Sting winning here? Because Morgan is the rising sun as Sting is on his way to retirement? Knock him all you want, but Sting can still go. He may not have the technical prowess of Kurt Angle, but as far as ring psychology goes, few can pull it off better at this stage in the game than the Icon. Compound that with how much sense it makes as far as the storyline goes, and you have a formula to potentially transform Morgan into the powerhouse he needs to be in order to have a true break out year.

Let me explain....

Sting has realigned himself with Hogan, at least in the short term. Morgan, however, is continually being pushed into the background and the "Blueprint" will NOT be ignored. I think this year we'll see something interesting begin to happen as a result of the loss to Sting. I DON'T think Sting will take the belt from Bully Ray. I think we'll see AJ Styles doing that. In order to do that, though, I can see AJ Styles aligning with Morgan sooner rather than later. It wouldn't surprise me if AJ was attacked by Angle after refusing to join Team TNA and Morgan coming out to make the save, making a strong first step back. I'll go out on a ledge and state that Morgan and Styles will capture the Tag Team Titles before branching out. In fact, I'd put Angle and Morgan onto the Bound for Glory card, with the big man getting the pin and the win. THAT would be a credit on the resume and a milestone on the way to the World Heavyweight Title.

AJ Styles and Matt Morgan are two in TNA's ranks that I see having a run with the big belt before year's end. I think AJ is about to make strides in the weeks after Slammiversary, putting some punctuation into his darker character. A few well placed wins with his new submission, which I LOVE, by the way, will do the trick and bring his Final Resolution 2012 World Title stipulation full circle. In short, I'm making the prediction now that AJ Styles will be the World Title holder by the time Bound for Glory is over and Matt Morgan will be his foil as the year comes to a close.

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