Friday, June 7, 2013

Survival Tactix: Barrage.....

Be warned, this column will contain spoilers from next weeks' tapings......SO if you simply wish to watch and see what happens, feel free to wait until AFTER next week to read further. Otherwise, keep reading.....

At next week's tapings, Sting calls for the return of a stable LONG absent from TNA television. The Main Event Mafia. I'll admit, I'm COMPLETELY baffled. Steiner wants nothing to do with TNA. Booker T is under contract with WWE. Kevin Nash isn't interested in a return, or that's the impression he's given. Kurt Angle is going to be busy with the newest acquisition for the foreseeable future. So is THIS the answer to the mysterious third stable I've been predicting? Could be.....

With Matt Morgan outside the dirty dozen qualified members of the BFG Series, he COULD stand to have a prominent place on the TNA landscape. So who's made it IN?

Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Christopher Daniels
Jeff Hardy
Samoa Joe
Joseph Park
Mr. Anderson

And there is a case to be made for DOC and AJ Styles.

Over the course of the Bound for Glory Series, it will be interesting to see just how many members of Team TNA actually remain. Bully Ray claimed that he's destroyed every hero TNA has left. Magnus, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and James Storm were calculated as members of Team TNA's squad, BUT the Bound for Glory Series changes a great many things and the little storyline developing between Angle and Jackson gives Jeff Hardy an in to Team TNA. If it turns out that Jackson is actually on no side and is only peripheral fodder or "filler" on the card, I will be incredibly disappointed.

But right now, I'm not seeing it quite that way. I believe "Rampage" has a part to play in the endgame as it relates to the war coming, whether it be for one faction or another. I'll go further and say that the Aces and Eights will be gaining another recruit, further deepening the story and putting the end either AT or shortly BEFORE Genesis. Angle will return to Team TNA and take his place, leaving the shadows to stand back and watch for a time.

However, once the newly reformed "Main Event Mafia" is reassembled, we'll see a three way face-off to rival ANYTHING that has come before it. If anyone tries to convince me that TNA isn't serious about playing the game at the highest level, they'd better be able to bear the burden of proof.

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