Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Survival Tactix: Defense.....

You know what I love about WWE marks? The defensiveness. And it isn't just the defensiveness that makes me smile, it's the little digs they try to get in about "Hogan and Bischoff destroying the company by bringing in WWE rejects." Seriously, I love it. You know why? Because MOST of those same people have viewed less than 10 hours of TNA during the entirety of Hulk Hogan's tenure. That may sound like a bunch of time to the uninformed, but when you consider that WWE has just under 40 hours of first run programming going PER MONTH, 10 hours over the course of nearly 4 YEARS is just a drop in the bucket.

I know, I know, I've said that the argument is getting old, and it is, but the volume of proofs to the contrary is so thick, the people who bring that argument to the table have more in common with a 5 year old trying to talk reason into his parent for getting another cookie to go with dinner than with a rational debate. They'll talk about ratings and they'll talk about this or that and they'll bring up TNA's love of factions (forgetting completely about DX, The Corporation, Evolution, The Shield, The Nexus, The Corre......) and even claim that TNA continually uses the same performers in the top tier every year. I shake my head and let them rant and rave and sing the praises of the big E before they let ME have breath.

I bring up WWE's love of a small top tier, WWE's PG direction, continual rewrites of live shows, story inconsistencies, the lack of direction for supposed superstar assets, the sheer number of released talents in the past 5 years, and that's only in the first breath. I then bring the WWE double standard to the table....this usually gets the marks a little warm under the collar. I bring factions back into play and remind them of DX, whose restoration over the years has happened in large part for the fans, but I ALSO bring up The Nexus and The Corre for more recent examples and The Shield and "Heyman guys" and even the little mini-stable of Vicki's minions as the most current examples of WWE's tendency to do the very thing they claim TNA is exclusive to doing.

Before I've finished, I've managed to create such a case that a couple have even started watching TNA and often, on a consistent basis. Believe me, I'm not getting paid for this by Dixie and company, but I AM a firm believer in getting a few facts straight before coming to the table looking for battle, particularly when the reputation of a company worth watching is at stake. Is it all really worth it in the end? Maybe, maybe not....but when you consider the FACT that competition is GOOD for the business we ALL enjoy, making a case to balance the playing field is ABSOLUTELY necessary to break the chains of people locked into their own force of habit. THAT is how TNA is going to gain traction quicker. Storylines, characters, acquisitions, and even consistency can only go so far....sooner or later, wrestling fans are going to have to change their way of thinking about the business and about competition IN PRACTICE to comply with what they believe IN THEORY. And THAT, folks, is my defense.

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