Sunday, June 16, 2013

Survival Tactix: Ex-change for a 10......

It's been FOREVER since I've done this, but a recent episode of WrestleTalk TV forced my hand to pen this out. Why? Because it's worth talking about. If TNA and WWE were to hold an Inter-promotional Draft, which 5 performers would I choose to switch shows? Here's the catch.....because there HAS to be some kind of rule of order to this kind of wrestler can return to a place they've been a member of the roster of before. Hence, Kurt Angle stays in TNA and C.M. Punk stays in WWE. Why the rule, you ask? Because putting Gail Kim or Mickie James back into WWE won't fix ANYTHING, to be perfectly blunt. New rivalries, new feuds, new alliances.....that's what this whole thing is about.

From TNA to WWE:

Before I launch into this portion, let me first say that because I have little to no faith in the way WWE books former TNA talents, I have little incentive to pick anyone from TNA that will help WWE in any way, but barring that from the equation, in order to make things fair, I'm picking talents who COULD benefit WWE if a proper chance were given them to reach their potential (circa. WWE 2002-2008).

1. Robbie E.
He's young enough to adjust to a new gimmick if WWE decides to and if not, he can team with Ryder to revamp the Tag Team Division.

2. Crimson- My reasoning here is simple. I think WWE could use some more edgy looking characters and, frankly, he fits the bill. He could use some polish, but working with someone like Randy Orton or even The Undertaker (provided he's healthy) could help smooth the rough edges.

3. James Storm- Here's where I'll probably lose some people, but hear me out. Storm is among my favorite TNA performers, but his character seems lost and without a direction. Sending him into enemy territory might allow WWE to remember better days when Austin and McMahon were raising Cain for the bulk of the '90's. I think it's time WWE embraced the very attitude that brought them to where they are today.

4. Sam Shaw- Because he hasn't established himself and because he seems genuinely determined to hold his own in this business and because he's not doing anything right now, I see now reason for him to stick to the roster. If John Cena had a surfer counterpart, this would be that guy. I could totally see WWE putting the two of them side by side and having a massive coronary out of sheer excitement.

5. Rockstar Spud- Let's be real for just a minute. He's not been featured on Impact in FOREVER. Why not someone like Taeler Hendrix? Because I've got OTHER plans for the women in TNA and an influx is a part of that plan. Plus, WWE could use another hand in the lightweight department to serve as foils to their best light-heavyweight superstars like Rey Mysterio, among others.

From WWE to TNA:

1. AJ Lee- She's got genuine talent with a microphone and could use some polish on her in ring work, but TNA has the best of both worlds and could teach her a great deal about how best to work their magic.

2. Daniel Bryan- If there was any other man who could fill out a dream match of a lifetime like Bryan, I'm not sure I can think of them. Joe vs. Styles vs. Daniels vs. Bryan vs. Angle vs. Aries pretty much would blow the earth up out of sheer awesome.

3. Kaitlyn- A revamp of the Knockouts Tag Division could see an alliance between Velvet Sky and Kaitlyn and THAT is something worth seeing. I, for one, would LOVE to see how these two interact to really have an idea as to how the chemistry would work. Would they be good friends or better enemies?

4. Natalya- To fill out the Knockouts Division, I say bring in the last remnant of WWE CREDIBLE champions to bring a top last name into the fold. Feuds with Tara, James, and Tessmacher would be refreshing, but feuds with Velvet Sky and Taeler Hendrix would be interesting, to say the least.

5. Wade Barrett- Out of everyone else in the entire WWE roster, THIS is the guy I want to see pushed more than the rest. Why? Because he's better than they're giving him credit for. In fact, his pushes have been squandered quicker than the prodigal's inheritance every time they bring him back from wherever he goes. Barrett could be someone VERY big, but WWE seems content to allow him to stagnate without cause and he would mean good things to TNA, make no mistake.

Times are changing in WWE, I have no doubt, but from everything I've seen so far, it's not for the better. In fact, it's become downright boring, which is why something like this could truly benefit all parties involved. Would it ever happen? Doubtful. Would it be amazing if did? Without a doubt.

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