Saturday, June 15, 2013

Survival Tactix: The New Breed.....

One "champion" asked a question concerning who may end up being on TNA's 'push' list this year. As most people who watch TNA on a consistent basis know, TNA always has a pet project or two they determine to move up the card as the Bound for Glory Series moves ahead. The first year saw Matt Morgan as the favorite up until he found himself on the injured reserve near the middle of the series and TNA management decided to create two new stars out of a fan favorite tag tandem, Beer Money.

One year later was the redemption of Jeff Hardy and the rise of Bully Ray, but it ALSO created Austin Aries as a member of the top tier. So this year, the 12 combatants have been chosen and we can now have a look at who could emerge the champion, but ALSO who could could be TNA's newest project, which aren't necessarily the same thing. SO, I say let's explore.....

Joseph Park- While I'm no longer sold on the Park character, I AM sold on them finally pulling the trigger on bringing back Abyss on a more consistent basis. Humanizing him, for want of a better word, has been nice and has breathed a special something into his story, but there needs to be some closure in the coming months. THAT'S why I believe Mr. Park is the front runner in my book to hold a prominent place coming out of the series. Will he WIN? I doubt it, but will he have a prominent place on television? Absolutely.

AJ Styles- This one is pretty obvious. Why? If you've been watching, he's become the smart, shrewd character we always knew he could be; only looking out for number one. With the Final Resolution/ Bound for Glory Championship Title match clause from 2012 still fresh, it stands to reason that Styles will lead the pack early and will potentially win the series. HOWEVER, winning the series doesn't seem necessary, so I'll predict him NOT winning the whole thing and still entering into the main event slot at Bound for Glory.

Magnus- This guy is my dark horse pick to win the whole thing. Why? Because he's been building towards his ascension for the past year. The last beatdown he found himself in at the hands of the Aces leads me to believe that TNA has something special in store for him. Will we see a World Title reign this year from him? Unfortunately, I doubt it. Not to fret, though....I DO see him winning the big belt sometime around early 2014. This year WILL be a big year for Magnus, nevertheless, because we'll see TNA building him up by giving him convincing wins against former champions and establishing him as a legitimate threat to the world title holder.

So where do I see the World Heavyweight Championship heading? The very same way I see the Television Title and control of TNA being established: Triple Threat.

Magnus vs. Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles

Since no firm details were given upon HOW a challenge could be issued, the way I see it, AJ Styles could challenge for the title without winning the BFG Series. How? I'm glad you asked.

I pick AJ vs. Magnus in the finals with Magnus pulling out all the stops for a great victory. HOWEVER, I see a BIG brawl to finish out the night between the new MEM, the Aces and Eights, and Team TNA with a full locker room in the ring, pulling everything towards the feud that will finish out the year.

Now there IS another question that's reached me recently...."What about Crimson?" Truth is, I have no idea. Since he was "sent home" by TNA, maybe much has changed in his opinion of another talent I DID select for the Mafia, Crimson's former tag partner, Matt Morgan. Crimson's push ended with the return of James Storm last year, but it was his feud with Morgan that established him as a presence. I happen to like the guy, but I DOUBT very much that he'll be in the renewed Main Event Mafia UNLESS Matt Morgan is absent. If Morgan is out, I have little doubt that Crimson will make himself useful.

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