Friday, June 14, 2013

Survival Tactix: Prey.....

In TNA, there are predators and prey. My question for today is....which one's which? When Sting was beaten down and TNA's locker room made no attempts to aid, it made me wonder......what now? SO, when the painted one came out and announced a new Main Event Mafia, it made me question a couple of things. Who could be a part of such a thing? Would my initial picks work under the new banner? If so, what would this new banner look like? Would the members of this new club have strong alliances or would we be looking at a group of lone wolves? Here is the conclusion I have come to......

The new Main Event Mafia will be consisted of people who hold an ego enough to hold their own. It'll be made of about five guys who I BELIEVE will turn the tides and put BOTH Team TNA AND the Aces and Eights out to pasture. Here are my NEW picks under the Main Event Mafia:

AJ Styles- He's the obvious first pick to me as he's been the lone wolf and could use the backup a new and revitalized faction could offer.

Matt Morgan- He was passed up by Hogan and has been generally left out of the storyline picture up to this point. What better way to insert him into it than being right in the thick of the biggest story TNA has right now?

Austin Aries- Right now, Bobby Roode is going into the BFG Series looking like a million bucks. If Roode's going to be involved in a world title chase for the next couple of months, it seems that Aries could use something to do, this NOT saying he's not a top contender, but he would do better in another direction. Enter the MEM. If you're wanting a hungry former world title holder who is harboring intentions for returning to the main event scene, why not have him a join a club after its namesake?

Jeff Jarrett- The revelation of Jarrett in this renewed faction CANNOT happen until there is some kind of confirmation that a CONFRONTATION is going to happen either at Bound for Glory OR until such a time as it makes sense to bring him in as an equalizer.

So these are MY new picks. Like them or not, these guys strike me as the most logical names on TNA's roster who can function as a unit AND as individuals. Under a new MEM banner, you'd be looking at a three way battle that looks something like this......

Sting, Austin Aries, Matt Morgan, and AJ Styles
Magnus, Samoa Joe, Daniels, and Kazarian
Anderson, Devon, DOC, and Knux

As for where the remaining members of the Aces and Eights are? So far as I can see, Ray will be busy and in waiting for a new challenger to emerge from Destination X or Bound for Glory. Bischoff and Brisco I see making a chase for the Tag Team belts. And now that D-Lo is no longer a part of the group, I have to wonder who will take up his mantle. TNA MAY decide to simply drop the vacancy, but I've got suspicions that we may be surprised at the final member of the Aces if and when that person is revealed.

If the confrontation happens at Bound for Glory, Angle, Bully Ray, and Jeff Hardy will be busy elsewhere and will, for that reason, be absent from the bout. NOW, I can hear a faint question from the back....."Didn't Sting FIRE Jeff Jarrett in the storyline  the last time we saw him?" Yep, that he did. But for this whole thing to come together in a way that makes it all believable, let's put together the explanation that Jeff didn't realize he was getting himself into until it was too late to back out and by then, there was nothing he could do but play the part.

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