Sunday, June 16, 2013

Survival Tactix: RVD to Christian.....

It has been announced today that RVD will be returning to WWE. Why? Personally, I couldn't care less. Why? Because it isn't going to help them...or him, for that matter. With RVD in TNA, he could be in a position where fighting for the World Heavyweight Title wouldn't be a stretch; where inserting him into any story on the current landscape would be completely possible. In WWE, however, you're looking at an enhancement talent. Sure, he has some name value as one of the original "Heyman guys", but outside of that, he's just another cog in the watch.

Yeah, I suppose I'm being a bit biased, but let's look at Christian's reversion back to WWE from his break with TNA. TNA gave Christian his first big title run. They gave him the reins and he ran with it, establishing himself as one of the most under-appreciated performers on WWE's talent roster that TNA actually gave credibility to. Christian thrived. His return to WWE has been marred with the curse of bad booking and short term programs with lesser men. A world title run that lasted 2 days is insulting. Simple as that. Vince simply doesn't see him the way the bulk of TNA's viewing audience a decent change from the typical run of the mill show.

TNA may not have given RVD a DVD, but they DID give one to Christian. RVD was given one by WWE....I own a copy of it, but it's doubtful Christian will ever receive such an honor.

SO....where is this all going? RVD left WWE for an easier schedule and is returning to WWE, presumably because he was able to negotiate a contract on the short term for more money and a similar amount of working dates as other established veterans. Will it bring back viewers? Maybe on the short term, and they'll probably cheer him on, too. But they did the same thing for Ric Flair and Christian too. Oh how fickle today's wrestling fan can be.....

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