Saturday, June 29, 2013

Survival Tactix: Suicidal Tendencies.....

Austin Aries, the man who brought "Option C" to TNA's front row, removed the mask this week on Impact. When TJ Perkins was attacked backstage, Bully Ray and the Aces and Eights went on the offensive to try and uncover the identity of the man who assumed the mask of Suicide. Since the "Suicide" character was never given to just one man, as Hulk Hogan mistakenly claimed, Aries' win and, as it turns out, the title shot to follow, are valid.

For those of you who are new to the Suicide character, allow me to to introduce you properly.....

In September of 2008, Midway games released TNA's first licensed video game, for which the Suicide character was created. One interesting fact, I was not aware of, at the time- this was the only character not only created by Midway Games, but to have their way in establishing his backstory. His backstory, quite simply, isn't important because all anyone really cares about is his character on TV.

Let's rush the story a bit for the sake of simplicity. Christopher Daniels had been released from TNA and was working for Ring of Honor during the opening run of the Suicide character. Because he was still under contract with Ring of Honor and he was looking to make a return to TNA, the company was able to work with him under the condition that he could do both in his winding down days with ROH so long as he was never seen on camera working for TNA. SO, Christopher Daniels was the first to don the Suicide mask. The longest holder of the Suicide mask was Daniels' current tag partner, Frankie Kazarian. To finish off the legacy leading into TJ Perkins, Kiyoshi, who once competed in the Eric Young led World Elite stable.

So this is the history leading up to this year. TNA had been doing their homework, trying to get a feel for who fans were interested in seeing return to the company with their themed PPVs. Suicide, Petey Williams, and Judas Mesias, among others made the list. For those who are unaware, Perkins is no stranger to TNA, having competed under the mask of another persona, Puma. So when TNA decided to revamp their X Division's new look, they decided to bring back Suicide and they called in a favor to Mr. Perkins, who was obliged to lend a hand.

Now that you're acquainted with the man called Suicide and now that the mystique of not knowing who Suicide was is now gone, I'm left with a question that may not soon be answered. Is the character going to be retired?

Suicide isn't the only thing on my plate to talk about. It would seem that TNA may have FINALLY done something else I've been predicting. They may have actually RETIRED the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Since no teams were created the day of ODB and Eric Young's stripping of the belts, and since there was never the announcement made that they were VACANT, I can only assume that FINALLY, we never have to worry about the inconsistencies of the belt's defense. Now if only they'd defend the Television Title as often as was promised in the beginning......

So now Austin Aries has once again put himself into the World Title picture, and at a moment's notice to boot. While some may take issue with the way the story was executed, I think it was played out in a smart, forward thinking way that suits the Austin Aries persona. Fact is, I have NO problem with a former foil for Bully Ray rearing his head in the shadow of the Bound for Glory Series. Here's where things begin to get interesting, as far as I'm concerned. Why? Because I now can see ANOTHER opportunity for Aries coming down the the next member of the Main Event Mafia. If TNA was looking to create friction between the Aces and Eights and the Mafia, THIS would be great start to do just that. Bring out the Mafia during the July bout during the Destination X special on Impact. It's that simple.....


  1. I think Kaz was actually the first Suicide then he got injured and thats when Daniels took over. Then it went back to Kaz then Kyoshi and now TJ.

  2. Love your blogs!