Friday, June 21, 2013

Survival Tactix: Surprises.....

Okay....Angle surprised me. I mean....I truly didn't see that one coming, though I probably should have. I suppose if you "get down to brass tacks and you carry the one over the common denominator", I probably should have counted on Angle saddling up with the MEM revamp. One thing DID bother me, though.....One guy cleared an entire room of Aces and Eights. guy. JUST ONE! If THAT'S all it took, why not do that earlier? Wait a sec....they tried that....with the SAME GUY and they rendered him unconscious. Why should I believe it now? Well, MAYBE they weren't ready for an attack. MAYBE Angle played a little bit of slight of hand and snagged a baseball bat. MAYBE he even grabbed the staple ball peen hammer. The point is, the room being cleared by one man bothered me. Nevermind that it was Kurt could have been Steve Austin and I STILL wouldn't have believed it at first.

Kurt Angle's addition to the mix DOES change everything about my predictions, though. I truly don't want to see Angle as a part of this. Why? Because I want a three tiered war. I really do. I want to see something brand new for TNA and not just something that works as a novelty because it's a throwback to an interesting time. If the Mafia was going to re-form, why not bring together the young members of the top tier who've reached the peak? Make Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, and a young upstart like Matt Morgan your family. Keep Angle running with the pack of Team TNA. But, if TNA really wants to continue running this on a two faction basis, I should WRITE it as a two faction story and not one designed around three.

While I was angry at the revelation of Kurt Angle as a member of the new Mafia, it DOES make some sense. He was in the first one, why not? Let's not forget Rampage Jackson and he have a date in the coming months, though. Angle won't be able to run the distance with this thing, or will he? If the TNA Creative Team DOES stick with a three faction story, as I've been writing this thing as, Jackson could go one of two ways....a. he goes with Aces or Team TNA OR b. he comes into it all alone.

Impending feuds and current ones are a tricky thing because the balance has to be kept in terms of which characters pursue which feuds at the expense of other ones. You see the problem? Teasing Angle vs. Jackson COULD mean a faceoff at Bound for Glory, but it ALSO could mean that it waits for a blockbuster episode of Impact near the end of the year. Who knows? Either way, Jackson and Angle waits for later while this portion of the story plays out. The Main Event Mafia is back....kinda....and the "family" is growing. Angle and Sting now recruit their team of elitists and AJ Styles, because of Angle's membership, won't become a part, which is a sad thing, to say the least.

So who joins the MEM now? I have no idea. Seriously. I don't know. I guess I, too, will have to wait and see.

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  1. there were only 3 members of aces and eights in the room at the time. the rest were meant to be bringing brook to the arena