Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Survival Tactix: TNA on a Rampage.....

Slammiversary is in the books and it was a TREMENDOUS outing for the TNA crew, scoring high marks across the board and proving that THEY are the future of the sports entertainment industry, not their over-priced, glint and glamour, low substance counterpart. If you have a spare 3 hours to set aside, do yourself the favor and give it a view even if you know how the story plays out.

NOW, for the BIG news and believe me when I say it's big. Quentin "Rampage" Jackson has signed with TNA. Let that sink in for a minute. B.A Baracus has just signed with TNA. When I first started speculating about who could join TNA and give them some legitimacy, another MMA fighter joining the ranks never occurred to me, but Jackson has more than just MMA to lean on, thankfully.

Before I go too deep into the "overjoy" mode, I think it best to qualify this deal in terms that may shed some light on the reasons for him joining. First things first, he isn't exclusive to TNA, but rather to the partnership between TNA, Spike TV, and Bellator MMA, which leads into the next point. TNA will be devastated by the signing of "Rampage" if Bellator requires more of him than he is physically able to offer. King Mo has yet to have an in ring debut, though he was touted as a big signing last year and Jackson has a great deal to prove if he's going to be successful in the ring instead of the cage. Some simply can't make the transition from MMA to professional wrestling.

I've heard SO much controversy concerning this signing on Facebook and elsewhere, criticizing TNA for "another bonehead decision", but I don't buy it. Simply put, I'm not convinced that "Rampage" Jackson is the signee Dixie Carter was talking about. Sure, he might bring in viewers for a time and MAYBE, just maybe spike (no pun intended) the ratings, but I'M guessing we'll see someone who'll be in TNA's corner primarily and MAYBE even as soon as Thursday night.

So why the secrecy? Why the cloak and dagger veiled shadow work? TNA has a great deal to gain on the momentum Slammiversary gave them and THIS signing could tip the scales and give them a favorable shift on two fronts. On one side, it changes the focus of the show and puts him or her into the limelight right away, making Aces and Eights an afterthought for a moment. On the other side, the mystery signee will hopefully have the name value to make the critics sit up and take notice.

Lots of people are wanting to see a bombshell. They are simply tired of being spoon fed whatever is in Vince's mind that people want these days. Since, in their minds, Vince hasn't been in touch with the fans for a while now, it's high time he ate a little bit of humble pie. I happen to be in that camp, as it turns out and I, for one, would LOVE to see it be someone one of their main eventers currently.

The sad part in all of this is that, for once, I DON'T want it to be someone like Chris Jericho. Why? To put a fine point on this fact, he doesn't have enough gas left in his tank to make a difference in the long run. If we were talking about this about the time Angle made the jump, we'd be having a VERY different conversation. But whoever it turns out being, my bet is that Rampage Jackson is going to need some backup and the backup will be in the physical form of TNA's newest acquisition. Why? because it's the safest way to pull the trigger without the whole thing blowing up in their faces. All I can say is to watch the patterns here, people.

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  1. No! Jackson IS the big signing!