Saturday, June 8, 2013

Survival Tactix: Trading Power.....

I've spent an EXHAUSTIVE amount of time looking into all of the former TNA talents on the free market, trying to determine the actual likelihood of them making a debut with WWE, as some people claim. Here are just a few I've found so far......

1. Alex Shelley- This one is near and dear to a lot of TNA fans as he represents one part of a tag team unit much celebrated, the Motor City Machine Guns. As I've stated before in earlier columns, Shelley had been in discussions with WWE for a time, but his negotiations broke down when he was determined to NOT be featured in their minor leagues and placed into the main roster. TNA has intentions, from what I'm told, to seek an audience with Shelley and negotiate a return to Impact, but timing is critical so as not for him to get lost in the shuffle of new and mainstay talents.

2. Amazing Red- His story is similar to Shelley as he was courted by Vince and company to bolster a pet project for the impending WWE Network. There were/are plans to put together an exclusive division for the network filled with cruiserweights, but since plans for the network itself seem to be in a continuing state of flux, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not he'll ever debut for the big E.

3. RVD- This one has been a more recent rumor of late since his profile was removed from the TNA roster page some time ago. HOWEVER, within the past week, his name was placed back, possibly indicating that he's negotiated a new contract, but again, without confirmation from Van Dam, it's hard to establish this as fact. WWE had made overtures for a return, but his demands for a light schedule didn't sit well with higher-ups in the organization.

4. Angelina Love- When TNA released Love from her contract a while back, it was largely speculated that WWE would pick up her contract without delay, but when that didn't happen, rumors began circulating amongst TNA fans that she'd make a return eventually. While it's possible we may see a Beautiful People reunion, it won't be for some time.

5. Awesome Kong- When Kong was released from WWE, she was interviewed and asked if she would consider a return to TNA. Her response was doubtful, but I attribute that to her interaction with the Hogan/Bubba the Love Sponge debacle. If Hogan were no longer a part of the organization and she felt it was safe for a return, it's possible we'll see her, but the timetable would HAVE to be 2014 forward.

These names are the most recent and well known names to date, but there have been others swirling in mystery as to what their eventual timetable might be for a debut or return to TNA or WWE, including Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, Melina, Lance Hoyt, and Chris Masters. Time changes much and the revolving doors of WWE are FAR bigger than that of TNA so don't count those as the only potentials to debut or return just yet.

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