Saturday, June 22, 2013

Survival Tactix: Woven and Spun....

We've got a few things to talk about in this column, so without delay, let's have a look at the agenda....

- WWE's writer woes
- TNA's RVD relations
- The two prominent TNA stories....

So without tarrying any longer, I say let's launch right in.....

Over the course of the past year, WWE has fired or accepted the resignation of 6 writers I can confirm, but there may be others I cannot. This leads me to conclude one of two things. Either Vince and company are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to work for OR the writers weren't prepared for the riggers of the weekly grind. I happen to believe that the explanation is that BOTH are the case. Stephanie Levesque (McMahon) is NOTORIOUSLY difficult to work for, dismissing any and all ideas she deems unworthy of pursuing. Couple that with Triple H's duties as the Chief Operations Officer and a Vince McMahon who has been long out of touch with his audience and is resistant to retirement and you have a recipe for disaster when it comes to the hiring process.

Most of the writers who've walked through the doors of the Titan Tower have had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the world of wrestling.....sorry....sports entertainment. That said, it baffles me and others in the internet wrestling community that these members of WWE Creative ever made it to the door in the first place. While it makes sense to me that these members would be the cause of many of the distorted histories and storylines now commonplace in the WWE Universe, it stands to beg one question.....why would I WANT to even apply for work with the juggernaut knowing what I do about those they've released?

Moving on....RVD, in an interview just this week, put down TNA's ability to promote the product he was a part of for the past couple of years. Let's be real here....TNA doesn't promote themselves as well as they could. This has NEVER been a secret. I'm not saying that RVD's point doesn't have merit, but to use that as a dig at TNA's product as it relates to his impending WWE return seems petty. Let me be blunt with everyone here.....if you're a wrestling fan, you KNOW there's more to the professional wrestling world than just WWE. What you think of TNA's product is beside the point. If promoting their product has to take a backseat to match quality or the pushing of new talents to elevate the quality of the product as a whole, people will talk and, in turn, viewers will follow.

Concerning the two major stories in Impact:
I've already given my take on the Aces and Eights story AND the Bound for Glory Series, but a side note to the Aces and Eights story....Brooke Hogan's place in this has yet to be established. Personally, I couldn't care less. Why? If this story is what it takes to get her OUT, I'll be overjoyed. Seriously. I want her GONE from my TV and I'll endure whatever it takes as far as the product is concerned to see that her exit is rushed and I could care less if they even explain her absence. *WHEW!* End rant.

The last little note deals with what happens with Team TNA. Is TNA going to keep the Hogan led stable? A little spoiler note is that Samoa Joe is another member of the Main Event Mafia. I'm telling you guys, Angle laid waste to my hopes for this brand new Main Event Mafia. I get that Angle is an original member and Joe had a little bit part in that storyline, but if their plan is to bring back ANY of the rest, I'm entirely against it. Why? Kevin Nash has no place in TNA. There's simply no room left for him to be relevant. The same goes for Scott Steiner. If I never see him wrestle for a major promotion again, I won't lose any sleep over it. That said, I very much want to see this newly reformed Mafia recruit a couple of young and hungry bucks to aid in the quest to take back TNA from the goons. Matt Morgan, Magnus, even Jay Bradley would be a welcome sight to behold if the cards are played out right. The point of all this is that I just don't want to see this become another rehash of old history and worse, a reviving of a team of veterans with very obvious weak links.

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  1. With Angle & Joe added to MEM
    My picks would be Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan AND Austin Aries.

    Sting, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan and Austin Aries!

    Anyway from next weeks SPOILERS.
    Suicide wins the X-Division Title BUT its revealed that he is a fake and at the end of the show its revealed to be Austin Aries.

    I'm like WOW!
    As a seperate storyline this sounds great BUT with everything going on with Aces and Eights, MEM and the BFG series I think its too much.

    There will be too much goin on and its a bit of a curveball with what's currently goin on!

    Anyway from this Aries could possibly win the Title at Des. X and set up a match vs the BFG winner. AJ Styles???

    TNA can do Bully vs Hogan at BFG then without the Title

    And maybe a MEM vs Aces and Eights.

    BUT personally I would not like that to happen!
    I want to see AJ vs Bully at BFG! Predictable you could say BUT sometimes predictable is good as even though you know what may happen u still want to see the big payoff!

    Like last year everyone wanted to see Storm beat Roode at BFG for the title BUT that didn't happen! Even though what happened was quite good with Aries winning at Des. X. But at BFG Storm vs Roode was a undercard match and the mainevent of Hardy vs Aries was a good match but had a terrible storyline and awful build. People felt that they should of done the big payoff with Storm vs Roode for the title which didn't happen.