Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Survival Tactix: Fear? Me? Nah....maybe...

Let me lay out TNA's situation for you all right here and now.....

TNA is reaching some limits. They've hit the catch-22 head-on and are in a bit of a pickle. Matt Morgan has been granted his release that he'd been asking for for a while. In his last contract negotiation, Morgan had asked for a World Title reign in his contract, but when the Aces and Eights story came to fruition, some plans had to be put on hold, including his reign. To TNA's credit, he HAD been featured prominently, at least at first, but when the tides began to turn and the story began to pick up steam, Matt Morgan's push began to wane. To tell you the truth, I really can't blame him for his feeling the way he clearly does.

So here we are.....TNA needs funds to be able to afford that elusive second show in order to feature those in their ranks BUT in order to MAKE the funds needed, they need to feature those same talents on their roster. Their solution? Retire two titles and free up some space. TNA gave this very explanation to interviewers following the decision. TNA now has the X Title, the World Tag Team Titles, the Knockouts Title, and the World Heavyweight Title; right back to basics. This, folks, is what I like to call "damage control".

We all need to face facts: running a biweekly traveling product is EXPENSIVE. TNA has limited resources, even from a revenue stream perspective. So HOW can we go about repairing the damage outside of releasing even more valuable talents? Let me be COMPLETELY clear, cutting the management structure is NOT going to be helpful under the current climate. I know SOME have been calling for Hogan and Bischoff's heads, but removing them now does two things....

1. It destabilizes TNA's product from a fundamental stand-point.
2. It forces TNA to put people into their places as replacements.

The thing about putting new managers and producers in place is that without a good grasp of where the product is heading AND under the duress quick changes in high standing could cause, TNA could suffer from a massive case of culture shock. My fear in TNA replacing Hogan and Bischoff too quickly is that they may end up with a far bigger problem than that which they currently possess.

Explaining exactly HOW TNA can rebound seems simple, at least to me: stay the course. Yes, we've seen some losses of talents. Yes, there isn't as much funds to go around, meaning management may have to tighten their belts to make room. Yes, some are growing weary of the impending battle lines being drawn from week to week, but if TNA is going to ultimately succeed, they need to maintain a sense of continuity, uninterrupted by a changing of the guard OR a sudden story shift to try and appease the talents in their employ. I agree that changes need to be made and they will be. When the Bound for Glory Series has run its course, we WILL see a new champion and the era of the factions will eventually come to a close, but as I've been saying for quite some time now, patience will be rewarded.

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