Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Survival Tactix: Potentials.....

In the last column, we did some exploration on how TNA could improve their product and I made the assertion that there were a COUPLE of WWE performers who could make a difference in their own careers by making the jump. I'd like to point out three MEN and three WOMEN who would benefit from Crossing the Line. Let's have a look, shall we?

For the Men.....

1. Wade Barrett- I don't think I've seen a more pathetic misuse of talent since WWE relegated Kurt Angle to ECW. Since things went so well for Angle and since making the jump from Barrett to Angle isn't as big of a stretch as one might, at first glance, believe. I, for one, believe Barrett as a HEEL would  positively SOAR in TNA. Why? Because heels are TNA's specialty and, if Barrett is better in that role, I fail to see HOW he could possibly fall short. Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, even Matt Morgan, who has been MIA for a time......all have benefitted from TNA's heel treatment.

2. Tyson Kidd- I have no clue how WWE sleeps at night in regards to their best wishes for the wedding of Kidd and Natalya this past weekend. Their repeated de-push of Kidd in nearly every regard has been, to my mind, unforgivable. I ask my favorite question here as well.....why? He has a kind of energy that I would liken to a TNA fan favorite....Petey Williams. If TNA's Team Canada had met WWE's Hart Dynasty, Tyson Kidd was the most athletic of the group, just as Williams was for TNA, not taking anything from the rest of the group. So why would Kidd benefit? Since TNA has been putting more emphasis on their Tag Team and X Divisions, Kidd would be right at home, at least at first.

3. Daniel Bryan- Without confusing anyone unfamiliar with his persona BEFORE WWE, the "American Dragon" was, and still is the greatest wrestler on WWE's current payroll. By the "greatest", I include CM Punk among those I deem inferior to his workrate. A case could be made for each side of this statement: "Daniel Bryan is the most undervalued performer on the WWE roster". On the one side, he HAS won a world title. On the other, however, he was used as a part of a tag team comedy routine immediately following. He HAS, in recent weeks, been putting on some of his best performances of his WWE tenure. On the other side, he was given a look that makes him nearly IMPOSSIBLE to take seriously. You see the dilemma? Imagine match-ups with Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and others! There is no greater foil to put a talent like Bryan with than CM Punk on the WWE roster, but that match will run its course. In TNA, Daniel Bryan would flourish. In WWE, he will run out of ammunition....simple as that.

And as for the Women.......

1. Natalya- I happen to believe that WWE's era of wrestling Divas is coming to a close. THIS means that feds like SHIMMER and SHINE are in for a very potent influx of big name talent, wasted on the big stage. I shutter at the notion that she may never make the ultimate jump and Cross the Line into a place where those of the fairer gender can be spotlighted and highlighted in a way WWE CANNOT and WILL NOT match, at least in their current state. A program with her, granted, would feel a bit like a WWE reunion, but somehow brand new in this new stage.

2. Kaitlyn- I've made it no secret that she is at the top of my list of Divas I want to see make the transition to Knockout. So what is holding her back? Certainly not talent, in this writers' humble opinion. Her spear is brutal in a way I've never seen from a woman. It's a refreshing thing of a different kind to see that kind of power in a women's match, not that today's current Knockouts can't match it. I, for one, would LOVE to see a 10 minute bout between her and Tara, among others.

3. Beth Phoenix- I make my last pick here even though she isn't a part of the active roster....or the inactive one, for that matter. This kind of influx would make those who have been missing Awesome Kong perhaps give her a rest from their wish list. On the other hand, maybe her inclusion to the Knockouts roster MAY give them yet another reason to wish.....

Why not AJ Lee? Why not CM Punk? My list of reasons for NOT picking Punk is long and, I might add, for another time. Suffice it to say I NEVER want to see CM Punk in TNA again. As for Lee? Though her current run as both wrestler and valet has been moreorless successful, I believe her calling is from a valet or even managerial standpoint. Under those rules of engagement, WWE HAS to be her home, at least from my perspective. Agree? Disagree?

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  1. I completely agree with Wade Barrett going to TNA and for sure Kidd, but Bryan is still very high on the cards and facing solid top guys and held more that one title. Also as you are picking underused talent lets do the same to TNA........
    Christopher Danieles, has to be one of the best wrestlers not used enough.
    Kaz underused.
    Motor city Machine Guns, one of the best tag teams I have ever seen very underused.
    ODB, big strong lady but used more for comic relief than her acual skill, lets see her just go out and wrestle and no more jokes.
    My wrestling is still TNA but I truly feel you guys have more than enough top guys that are so good in the ring you do not need any gimmicks like Hogan, ( Brooke that is) and the fact that TNA lets MMA guys in to test the pro wrestling waters is to great in my book. Keep up the awesome articles Stinger