Saturday, July 27, 2013

Survival Tactix: *WARNING*WARNING*

After I wrote the last column, I began to do some digging into the mysterious figure popping up on TNA's YouTube video. A few names kicked to the surface when I talked to sources. I'm giving each a likelihood factor. Why? Because every name that surfaced had moreorless credence depending upon where these rumors were coming from. SO, before I get ahead of myself, I say let's explore....

1. Low-Ki/Senshi/Kaval....Probability: High

Few X Division performers can match the intensity, the ferocity, or the in ring prowess of this guy. One thing I will, however, note: TNA rarely allowed him more than a few words on camera. A source I trust implicitly put this name on my list and I cannot ignore it. Would he be a good addition to the roster at THIS stage in the game? In my mind, it all depends upon how he makes his "impact". If the introduction story is right and his character has the integrated into the climate of what TNA has on the table, nothing will be off-limits.

2. Matt Morgan.....Probability: Low-moderate

I hate this guy's luck. Seriously. I have no clue how TNA hasn't made him the king at least once by now. He asked for his release, according to reports and rumor has it, he's WWE bound, but could it all be just rumor? Could this all be a ruse to draw everyone in while he's poised to make a comeback?

3. Jesse Sorenson....Probability: Moderate

You'll note that right now, it's starting to look like a trend is building. and it doesn't end there. In fact, only one name on the entire list is a name that HASN'T been in TNA before, but Jesse's story is something I have no clue how to put into words. Ever since Devon was "released" from his contract only to make his return as the first man unmasked in the Aces and Eights, I've grown wary of anyone claiming to have a score to settle. Few, however, have a more ready bone to pick than Jesse.

4. DOC.....Probability: Low-moderate

In recent creative team meetings before his release, TNA had plans to turn DOC face and aid in the final downfall of the organization. When his contract was allowed to expire, several sources interviewed him. His claim was always that he was leaving his options open. Cryptic, but also understandable.

5. Adam Pierce....Probability: Moderate

When neither man in his Gut Check round was hired on, the backlash was huge. A former NWA World Title holder, the man knows his stuff, but his actions weren't enough to sway the judges...or were they? His most recent Twitter post asks what is happening August 1st. Suspicious? Could be.

These are just a few names to come up as I've been digging. Believe me, more crop up each day as Thursday of the coming week draws nearer. Even Goldberg has been mentioned, but since his comments concerning TNA aren't very favorable, I've pretty much dismissed that little rumor as just that.

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