Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Survival Tactix: Yet to Come.....

I've been asked quite a number of times about the latest news concerning the release of several roster members and my opinions as it relates to them. As I understand the situation, the road schedule and such has taken their toll on TNA, forcing them to make some tough decisions as it relates to who comes along for the ride. Before I reveal the names, let me be clear that none of those released have been barred from the company and can be returned to action when TNA builds a head of steam, allowing for their contracts to be reacquired.

Madison Rayne, Christian York, Alex Silva, Lei'D Tapa, Joey Ryan, and Taeler Hendrix. To put some fairness to this whole situation, Mrs. Rayne's contract HAD expired and they simply opted not to renew for the time being. Since Rayne's pregnancy, her only ties to the company have been through the Knockouts blog posts she had been doing. I have, surprisingly, few problems with the releases under ONE proviso: Taeler Hendrix, Christian York, and Madison Rayne must be allowed to return when the current waves in the storylines pass.

In other news, I have been asking for it and I KNOW I'm not the only one......TNA has dropped the TV Title AND the Knockouts Tag Titles. Let's face the facts, folks....TNA has done maddeningly little with the titles since their inceptions respectively. Now that those belts are gone, for the time being anyway, they now can focus more fully upon the titles that remain.

I'll be completely transparent with you all, I honestly thought I'd have more to say about all of this. Why? Mostly because I was a bit taken aback by just how much had happened within a couple of days as I watched the developments break. I will say this, if any criticisms are to be had on TNA's side of the argument, let's have a look in WWE land, where they average the release of more than a dozen per year on the performers' side of things. I'm not saying it's not a shame that some of these talents are relegated to working the indies once more, but I AM saying that once TNA picks up some traction....some REAL traction- in the vein of a second TV show- THEN we can see longer term contracts pounded out.

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  1. The annoying thing is that they already have a second show, Xplosion. I realize that its more of a highlights thing than an actual show but still, its time to get it on Spike here in the states. Spike TV has tons of time that is only filled with reruns. They need to step up and fill one hour of dumb rerun time with Xplosion.