Friday, August 30, 2013

Survival Tactix: Once Upon a Time....

In 2002, TNA was born. During those days, only one man on the roster embodies everything TNA has had to offer. AJ Styles. Over the course of the next decade, he answered the call over and over and over again; putting up the best match pair in the history of the company with two of the best in the business.....Unbreakable 2005 and Turning Point 2009. Once Hulk Hogan and company rolled into town, things began to change and I saw things emerge I loved and things I was repulsed by. As it turns out, so did he.....

So is he right? I'll admit, I've done my best to give the cast and crew of TNA the benefit of the doubt, but this promo is telling. In like manner to the 2011 "Summer of Punk" pipe bomb promo, there was an undoubtedly candid few minutes when I honestly didn't know when kayfabe ended and raw emotion began. There comes a time when the echelons needs to step back and re-evaluate where the ship is headed before things begin to spin out of control......this promo states a fact. The time is now. TNA was able to buy themselves some time by signing AJ Styles to a short term deal expiring the morning after Bound for Glory. The hopes of officials is that they can lock in a new contract before that time comes to a close.

Right now, I watch, I wait, I listen, and I continue to watch the patterns. I urge you all to do the same.

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