Thursday, August 1, 2013

Survival Tactix: TN-MMA?

The warning turned out to be, as suspected, Tito Ortiz. Okay, I'll give it a week or two to materialize into something worth watching if TNA has an ace to play. Do you know why? the beginning there was Ken Shamrock as TNA's first World Heavyweight Champion. MMA Legend. Tank Abbott performed in the squared circle for a time. MMA Legend. Even though Brock Lesnar isn't an MMA legend, he DID bring wrestling fans into MMA for his WWE fame and has brought back some of the MMA fans back with him upon his return to WWE.

Since I already went into my feelings concerning the POTENTIAL of MMA fighters making the jump into TNA as a historical failure, I need not rehash. HOWEVER, there IS a way that everyone profits here. "How?!" you ask? goes something like this...

Ken Shamrock WRESTLED for YEARS with WWF and for nearly a full year with TNA. There was no on-and-off teasing a wrestling match without ever stepping in for real or special guest enforcer spots as substitution. THAT made Ken Shamrock something different. THAT made Shamrock something special. At 48, Ken's done and he deserves the rest.

Triple H once said that MMA needed to "evolve" and incorporate character into the product. Basically, he was saying that MMA needed to become something a little bit of pro wrestling mixed with MMA, but not really resembling either. Oddly enough, he sits in his perch looking down over ONE MMA fighter in Brock Lesnar in his employ while Dixie Carter, perhaps more hastily has THREE in Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson, and King Mo. Years ago, WWF made a mistake of epic proportions by incorporating a brawl involving Bart Gunn into one of their PPVs. With so little planning and so little effort, the event went belly up, even by the standards of the day. TNA could reverse those standards. I propose a match of submission rules filled the brim with reversals, and a long time limit featuring one fighter and one wrestler. Imagine a clinic between the current AJ Styles character and MMA fighter Eddie Alvarez. How about putting together Kurt Angle and Rampage Jackson? Why not Kenny King vs. King Mo?

It's easy to find defeat when you never step up to the plate and, so far, NONE of the MMA fighters have been tested against one of TNA's finest. Simply put, standing at the entrance ramp is easy for someone who never intends to get into the ring and do battle. But that's the point I'm trying to CAN work, provided that all parties involved plan on doing their part FLAWLESSLY.

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