Sunday, August 18, 2013

Survival Tactix: When it Rains.....

It never fails that just when I determine to sit back and enjoy myself as a fan, backstage news hits me and rocks me back into reality. Several facts have been released in the past day or so. Perhaps it's best that I start from the top....

In another cost cutting move, mercy has granted us TNA fans a boon. Brooke Hogan has just been released from her contract. I've made it no secret my distain for TNA's choice to name her as the Knockouts VP in the first place, but this move actually surprised me. It leads me to believe that her contract was, not surprisingly, among the highest on the roster. I think they finally realized how little she was actually doing for the brand in her role and determined that the cost wasn't worth the novelty any longer.

In other Knockouts news, the word going around concerning Taryn Tarrell is that her absence isn't anything another 9 months can't cure. That's right. The bar setting Knockout, as it turns out, is expecting her first baby. I suppose I can't blame the powers that be for keeping her away from the limelight. Matches as great as her few with Gail Kim this year don't come without their fair share of scars and physicality like that won't help a pregnancy, to be sure. From this site, we wish Taryn congratulations, provided the rumors are confirmed. If they are NOT? We wish her a speedy return.

I'm sure EVERYONE is wondering what I have to say about Darren Young and his public "outing" as it were as a practicing homosexual. Placing my own personal biases aside, I think it was unnecessary for the revelation to have been made. Why? Because despite what some might have you believe, it makes little difference to the product as a whole. If a performer brings little to the table, it matters hopelessly little what direction his sexual preference swings. As for my biases? They are just that, my own and I don't apologize for them. Perhaps I lose some friends over it. Perhaps not. Whatever the case, I regard a performer the same across the board and leave preference of homo or hetero OUTSIDE the profession.

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