Sunday, August 11, 2013

Third Faction? Interesting.....

When I talked about a third faction running around in TNA, I WASN'T talking about Roode and Bad Influence, but it DOES count....technically. I had hoped that one of the three would pick up a first time championship before retirement comes around. My pick? Daniels. I would LOVE to see Christopher Daniels as the World Heavyweight Champion and, under the right set of circumstances, I think it could happen. HOWEVER, with a top tier pretty much congested with the war between the Aces and Eights and the Main Event Mafia, I just don't see it happening at Bound for Glory this year. I stand by Magnus and his rise into the top tier. His renewal of his contract with TNA says to me that big things are coming and that Bound for Glory's World Title match is going to be a huge first step, but the chase only BEGINS there.

Now, I realize that I'm rambling a bit, but when we're talking about the goings on in TNA at the moment, it's tough not to. Why? Because the plans are in flux. I'll use Taryn Tarrell as an example. For reasons unknown of yet, Tarrell never showed up to the last set of TNA tapings. The running understanding within the organization is that she won't be back for quite some time.....if ever. NOW, with that understanding and the fact that she had become a bit of a bar setting Knockouts competitor, it would be stupid NOT to mention that she'd been written into the Bound for Glory plans. TNA officials had planned on giving her a run with the Knockouts Title, but with her current state, clearly that is no longer the case.

Since the departure of Bruce Pritchard, Eric Bischoff has taken charge of TNA Creative. While Matt Conway and David Lagana still do the majority of the show's writing, Bischoff has taken the developments TNA and Spike have negotiated and incorporated them into the creative direction. So what now? A fair question. If I had to make a guess, I'd say we'll see one of two Knockouts make a return to television prominence, Velvet Sky or Miss Tessmacher. On the other hand, ODB has been featured recently, so who really knows? Right now, I'd say that TNA is testing the waters to find out what fans like best, so don't be surprised if you begin to see other Knockouts return.

To further complicate matters, D-Lo Brown, in a recent interview called what TNA is going through "growing pains". Agree? Disagree? I happen to agree, in large part due to the expanding of their borders of influence. By leaving the Impact Zone behind, they've become a more accessible product and easier to market. As for HOW they're marketing the product? That's another story. Let's just say they're working on that. In short, Bound for Glory promises to be a bigger deal this year than last year.

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