Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Survival Tactix: 20 Questions.......3.....

Since I've managed to leave myself more than enough numbers to keep this column trend of questions and scenarios alive for quite some time, I've decided to move in little 3-4 "20 Questions" column clusters separated by outside material and such in order to break up any tedious reading. You're welcome. So.....what's the question this time?

My question comes with a bit of background. A few months ago, I speculated that Sting may be on his last legs in the ring with TNA. This leads into all kinds of rumor mill ramblings concerning WWE that I have interest in covering yet again, but it DOES beg a question......how does it all end? How does TNA part company with a staple of their product who has been present for nearly 10 years now? Who could bring Sting's final match to the masses? Does HE pick his opponent? Do they? I realize that those are more than one, but you must understand, the question of how it all is to end brings all the rest of the questions about.

Because we're talking about TNA, it would make sense for TNA to hand the mantle back to the man who left it in his hands to begin with, Jeff Jarrett. In 2006, Jarrett lost to Sting at Bound for Glory in a "must-win" situation. Sting revealed a new look and took the World Title and the reins as Jeff went home to "rethink" and to "reflect".  Jarrett's step back allowed for others to hold the World Title and for new champions to be created and built upon, allowing the product to grow. So does Sting hand the reins back to Jarrett?

In 2009, Sting faced AJ Styles in Irvine, California for the World Title at Bound for Glory, claiming that this would be his passing of the torch. When Styles won, did it actually change the course of TNA's history to follow? Not really....no. So does Sting drop his final loss to the "Phenomenal" one to make the "passing of the torch" stick?

Once Final Resolution comes around this year, Sting will have been with TNA actively for 9 years. If the four appearances in 2003 are to be counted, that makes a full blown decade, which is remarkable, in and of itself. Each year, Dixie Carter is somehow able to convince him to stick around for one more year, but with the release of other such "yearly renewal talents" like Tara and Brooke Hogan, it begs the question of whether or not he'll sign for one more year or he'll hang up his boots and bat in the TNA Hall of Fame for good. Now I don't place Sting in the same class as Tara, but TNA pays a reported half million dollars per year to keep him under contract- a pretty penny that dwarfs that which Tara pulled down during her years of service to the company.

When you look at the political atmosphere that comes about at the thought of Sting's retirement run, only a few names bubble to the surface: Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle. To me, there are no others on TNA's payroll who fit the bill, but I now open up the question to you....who deserves the honor of Sting's final match in TNA?

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  1. Of your list, the only name that strike a chord with me is Kurt Angle. Angle has never beaten Sting cleanly, and is clearly in the twilight of his career as well. Sting's final match being against Angle reminds me of the last Undertaker/Triple H match. It ended an era for both of them, Angle and Sting could be played in similar fashion.