Saturday, September 21, 2013

Survival Tactix: Bound for Gory.....

Yeah, you read that right, no typos here, folks. If TNA plays their cards like I get the feeling they will, Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles is going to be a mess....all over the ring. By that, I mean there may end up being a No Disqualification stipulation OR even put the entire match out of reach from the factions in a cage or street fight with banned factions rules. Whatever the case, it could end up with much blood on the canvas.

As for the rest of the card? Part of the Knockouts contest will have to do with what TNA officials decide to do with Mickie James' contract settlement. If they retain her contract and they can come to terms, we may see a rematch. On the other hand, if TNA really wants to bond itself to seeing the Aces and Eights come to ruin COMPLETELY, my guess is for Miss Tessmacher as the first title defense for ODB.

Bound for Glory is where TNA brings out their big hitters and I see none bigger than Abyss, who I believe TNA is going to bring back to put more faces into the mix. Could it involve Joseph Park? I suppose, but it doesn't HAVE to. There are so many ways Abyss could make his return, but whatever the case, it needs to happen soon for him to truly matter. Since his departure with the TV Title, much has happened and, since the title he holds has no real prestige anyway, he may as well leave the belt at home if and when he does return.

Concerning the Tag Team Titles.....
If I were in the lead booking position, I would book a three or four way tornado tag match between Chavo/Hernandez, The Extraordinary Gentlemen's Org., Gunner/Storm, and the Aces and Eights. I would even take it further and give the advantage to Daniels/Roode/Kaz and the belt to boot. By utilizing the Freebird Rule, by which any combination of members of the team can defend the title when it is to be defended. This stacks the card and fills up some much needed screen time.

The X Division Title is going to HAVE to be defended in a special way since it IS a special PPV and I see no better way than by using Ultimate X or a Ladder Match and finally put the weight limit to rest, allowing someone like Jay Bradley to actually compete on screen without looking like a total jobber. Kenny King is an obvious entrant, as is Petey Williams. I'd fill it out with Manik, Rockstar Spud, and even Robbie E, bringing every usable member of the roster to the table. Since TNA officials haven't released any details concerning Zema Ion's condition post surgery, it remains to be seen if he'll end up sticking around beyond Bound for Glory.

And that brings me to surprises of the night. How will Kurt Angle be featured beyond his induction? I think I'll go out on a limb and guess Magnus. I think that in order for Magnus to truly get over as a singles competitor, he HAS to get past Angle. Angle, even now, in the twilight of his career, is a good gauge for how a singles competitor will fare afterward. I'll even say that Jeff Hardy may find himself entangled in a feud with the resident Brit down the road, if not shortly.

Another question is whether or not we'll see any returns or debuts that haven't been posted or leaked on the net as of this post. I have high hopes that Jeff Jarrett will return and that his return will usher in a few throwbacks to bring some of the old time loyalists back around. Whatever the case, this year's Bound for Glory will be something to behold.....count on it.

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