Friday, September 20, 2013

Survival Tactix: How Do You Like Me NOW?!

Some of you may have skipped out on my spoiler column, which is fine, but now that MOST have seen last night's battle of words, any thoughts? I've got more than a few, so strap in and hold on to something.....

Let me start with AJ Styles:
You did good, much passion, much bravado, but where in this mincing of words, was ANY mention of the TNA staple for nearly 7 years? Where is the 6 Sided Ring? I miss those X Division wrestlers as much, if not moreso, than the next guy, but if we're to miss the obvious, why not start there? You can talk about Williams, though he now, is under contract. You can talk for MILES about Lethal, and be right about every note. You can talk about Low-Ki, and have a compelling case. You can talk all night long about bringing in MMA guys and former WWE talents (like Christian, whom I'm guessing AJ was talking about most vividly), and anyone else in the mass of names without names and you'd be right on target. But why stop there?

It begins sounding like 2011, twisting the clock back, I remember a 7 minute long rant by a guy who was quickly swept under the proverbial rug and had, quite possibly one of the most forgettable long reigns in WWE history in no small part due to politics and retaliation. CM Punk came out and had his mic shut off as he went into his bullying portion of his talk and was never truly given a rebuttal. Dixie went that extra mile and GAVE AJ his foil, which brings me to Dixie.

While I can empathize with the sentiment, and I LOVE the raw emotion behind it, I can't agree with the whole "marginal" crack. As far as the last 5 Star Match? Look no further than Turning Point 2009, BEFORE the regime came in and took Daniels out of the main event and put him right back in the mid-card along with Joe. I DO love this new side to the Dixie Carter paradigm, which makes me COMPELLED to see where this is all going. Are you committed to providing a semi-permanent foil to his face character? You've done well so far in generating the kind of heat a heel needs, but are you thick-skinned enough to take the flack for the words in ring? Fans can be brutal. I'm not the kind of fan who can't separate character from person within and I get what you're doing. In fact, I pretty proud of you as this company's president, which is why I have little to say OTHER than if you want to play this out, don't shy away from the censors, embrace them. If hitting your head on the red line is too concerning, this endeavor will be for naught.

As for the segment as a whole:
Brilliant. I LOVE the AJ vs. Dixie word war and would gladly see a rematch in a week or two. Only one thing would I change.....KEEP HOGAN OUT! Unless he's willing to serve as collateral damage with a few shots of friendly fire from AJ with him being the guy who assassinated the 6 Sided Ring and forced some of TNA's finest into exile while collecting a bulkier paycheck and using his position to pander to his family and friend, giving THEM more to do than some of those in TNA's talent employ.

My advice? Run with it. If Hulk Hogan's contract REALLY DOES expire October 1st, as some sources are claiming, this would be the PERFECT kayfabe sendoff. If Dixie isn't prepared to take the heat, bring in someone who Jeff Jarrett. His personal experience with the process and ability to cut a decent heel promo could rein in PLENTY to do once Bound for Glory comes around October 20th. Like what? I'm glad you asked.

AJ Styles comes back out to the ring next week to demand that Dixie watch and listen. If Hulk Hogan's contract is extended, at least in the short term, this would explode like a firecracker in a confined space....have HIM come out to the ring and AJ get in HIS face as well, bringing out the Aces and Eights., where AJ ALSO confronts Bully Ray for the first time. The following week, Dixie starts the show with someone AJ knows VERY well who has a few words to say, bringing out Jeff Jarrett. This segment can go as long as they need it to in order to set the tone for the Bound for Glory title match.

Fast forward to the match itself. Bully Ray and AJ are in the ring and working their butts off and Jarrett comes out to try and fix the match for Bully Ray, who tries to capitalize. Enter Mr. Anderson to break up the fix, putting Bully Ray on the defensive, allowing for AJ to take the win. NOW, Anderson and AJ are targets for management AND the Aces and Eights respectively. This gives Anderson the place to land after Bound for Glory and it also allows AJ the position of power to keep this storyline moving forward into the next landmark date. Like I said, if Dixie isn't comfortable taking the heat herself, Jeff Jarrett is the most logical man to stand at her side and take the heat in her place. And he doesn't mind being the heel, having done so more than half the time he's been with the company.

Believe me, I haven't forgotten the ones on AJ's challenger list once the smoke clears from Bound for Glory, but THAT, folks, is for tomorrow.

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  1. After watching last nights show, it's clear to me that the Aces and Eights will finally blow up at BFG. I see Knox, Briscoe, and Bischoff putting the swerve on Bully Ray, helping AJ Styles win the world title.