Sunday, September 29, 2013

Survival Tactix: Hulk Up- And Out?

Anyone who was watching last night knows about Hulk Hogan's choice given by Dixie Carter on Impact. What no one knows is actually how much truth is wrapped up into this storyline. With Hulk Hogan legitimately negotiating for his contract and AJ Styles being the consummate employee holding his employer to their word, fiction is mirroring reality, in a matter of speaking.

I happen to LOVE the current angle, despite any similarities it might have to what's going on in WWE right now. Truth is, I have absolutely NO clue what's going on other than a newly re-christened McMahon-Helmsley Era with an Evolution twist. I don't know the players anymore and, in all truth, I couldn't even begin to care less.

Could WWE finally have decided to shore up their losses and put the shambles of their product back on track? No clue. But what of TNA? With the possible departure of Hogan, where does that leave Eric Bischoff? In all truth, it's been his mind at the helm of most of TNA's driving force right now. I'd love to see him stick around, but with his ties to Hogan being legendary and his reality shows taking off, his outside ventures promise far more return than TNA is able to offer right now.

I've always had high hopes for TNA, hence this site, but under the current distress, it seems that something needs to be done in order to salvage what remains.....say a return to their identity?

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