Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Survival Tactix: Loving the Controversy......

The rest of this week I only want to talk about three things:

1. The claims that TNA is about to go under, using late payments to employees to justify the conclusion.

2. WWE released "J.R" Jim Ross.

and lastly

3. Introductions into a new series of columns called "20 Questions"


So here's the story as best I know it:

September 5th, Marc Middleton reported that backstage there were feelings that TNA might be going the way of ECW in that people were behind on pay and that it seemed as though the headship in Dixie Carter has not been focusing enough on making headway through obstacles TNA is beginning to face these days, siting one instance where Dixie attended an 'Ole Miss college football game instead of Impact tapings. I'd like to explore this in greater detail.....

I've stated before that Panda Energy, the company the Carter family (Dixie's parents) own and has fed funds into TNA for years now, helping TNA keep any losses to a bare minimum. Fact is, Panda Energy simply won't fail, meaning that even though certain monies hadn't been delivered to their rightful owners at the time, TNA is in NO danger of shutting their doors. Besides that, Spike TV holds a contract with TNA until 2015 AT THE EARLIEST.

Let's have a look at just a few of the revenue streams TNA has going for them at this moment:

- YouTube and subscriptions may not pay millions, but the volume of hits on PAY uploads does bring in extra funds to move around.

-On Demand......TNA's subscription service that allows access to all content from TNA past all the way until the present also brings in a profit that is worth mentioning.

- Ticket sales......This is a new one. Back when TNA was holding events in the Impact Zone, tickets could be procured at no extra cost to an admission to Universal Studios, where Impact was being taped until this year. Traveling has allowed TNA to garner some much needed funds from this new source.

- Advertising......Sponsors and advertising from sources like Direct Auto insurance and those who purchase airtime during TNA first run programming play an integral part in the revenue stream.

- Merchandise......I'm sure this is one most would bring up near the front, but fact is, TNA doesn't make most of their money from merchandising. Why would a company offer such low prices for their wares if that was their only source of income? Barring the prices of their replica belts, which cost FAR more than the average fan would ever spend, their "Brown Bag Special" that contains everything but the kitchen sink contains everything a fan would need to begin a collection for what may even appear to be a loss.

- Talent sharing.....AAA, NOAH, IWGP, and other outside organizations offer decent money to partner with TNA in sharing talents, coupling shows, and even showcasing each other's brand in small screen media. One example is Team 3D walking to a TNA ring wearing the IWGP Tag Team belts.

Just these streams of revenue alone are able to maintain TNA's current poise as a strong second place in the wrestling landscape. While back pay may be a thing the upper management need to be more diligent in correcting in the future, it certainly holds no bearing on whether TNA will be around in a year or two. In fact, if anything, TNA is trying to make cuts in order to finally cut the Panda Energy cord and try making every penny's profit on their own steam. Rest assured, this process isn't easy and requires every able bodied man and woman on the roster to dedicate themselves to more than a single year contract per negotiation sitting. Yes, Tara was a shame to lose, but she'd been operating on a year to year basis since joining a few years back.

Before making comments like "TNA is going under" or that they've been "run into the ground just like WCW", pay closer attention to where the money is coming from. The men and women behind the parent company are BILLIONAIRES and not likely to let their baby girl's pride and joy fail if she's that determined to see it through good times and bad. Simple as that.

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