Monday, September 23, 2013

Survival Tactix: Mystery Knockout.....

The title of this column partially explains this week's promo for Impact. ODB, Joseph Park, and Eric Young vs. Robbie E., Jesse Godders, and a mystery Knockout. If the current state of TNA's booking remains constant, this Knockout may end up challenging ODB for the Knockouts Title at Bound for Glory. But as for who it might be? I'd like to throw caution into the wind just for a while before giving my actual speculation. I suppose you could call this my wish list of potential opponents that realistically could make an appearance.

Since ODB has been playing the babyface part, it only makes sense to bring in a heel Knockout to challenge for the belt....that said, here are a few legitimate potentials.....

LuFisto.....She was on TNA's list of potentials for the Gut Check Challenge and had quite a number of supporters who were familiar with her work over the years in the indies who lent her votes, self included. If TNA could get HER under contract, we'd be seeing a true clinic at Bound for Glory.

Madison Rayne.....Yes, she was released from her contract and yes, she had a baby only a month or two ago, but if her training began in the weeks following and built slowly, she could very well be in ship shape come the PPV.

Taeler Hendrix......What if her release was a work? What if she was never actually released, but instead preyed upon the controversy and is instead being moved into position for some camera exposure? Stranger things have happened in TNA.

Ivelise Valez.....I've made it no secret that she SHOULD have been picked up instead of Lei'd Tapa in their round of Gut Check. Her MMA background would have made for a good addition to the roster, playing into a submission character, the first female in recent memory to have a reputation like that. Think back to the glory days of WWE's Women's Division. Trish wasn't a submission specialist, neither was Lita, or Molly Holly, or Gail Kim, or Ivory, or anyone else for that matter. In that way, Valez would have had no equal, but TNA let her get away......or did they?

As for actual predictions?

Lei'd Tapa.....This could be her actual in ring debut as a member of the roster. As a heel, it would allow her to set herself apart from the others by aligning with Tara's former entourage.

The Blossoms.....Why not? WWE has twins, why not TNA? I think it'd fit nicely, setting up for the switcheroo and the like in terms of in ring tactics.

Mickie James......If TNA and her have come to agreement, she is the most likely to sit in the top spot.

Velvet Sky.....She's been a decent heel before and it could happen again. I hope it wouldn't come at the expense of her relationship with Chris Sabin, but with everything else happening, few things would surprise me.

Gail Kim......TNA's resident heel at arms. Gail Kim has been a heel more than a face in her career and this alliance would fit in her character just fine,  provided that it gave her the title around her waist once more. Not to mention she's still under contract.

These are just a few, but I'm sure there are plenty more if one were to think of a logical outworking of story to explain a debut or return. Whatever, the case, this is a match I'm very much looking forward to.

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