Sunday, September 22, 2013

Survival Tactix: Trouble in Dixie......

So the question right now is "What's with Dixie?" My question in response is "Which answer do you want?" If you're looking for the answer in the vast world of kayfabe, or storyline, then the answer seems pretty evident in the show, but for the sake of argument, I have no problem laying it all out......

Dixie has been enjoying the ride, making all kinds of appearances, shaking hands and the like with the fans of the show. Now, she has her most loyal employee, like some of the fans, questioning her love of the brand by bringing up what he claims as mistakes or slights? How dare he? She's jumped into the trenches too, after all, scrubbing chairs and cleaning floors with the grunts and stagehands. She's been just doing what's best to try and make the brand into something that more than just wrestling fans can get into. Who does this curtain jerker think he is?

And that's where this whole thing lies.....until this coming Thursday, when everything goes live. AJ Styles has plenty more to say and, the fact of the matter is, the question I'm REALLY going to answer is what's happening behind the scenes. Let's begin a few weeks back, when AJ Styles really began looking like he was going to end up in the final four in the Bound for Glory Series. His contract was coming up and there was plenty on the table to discuss, not the least of which being whether or not Styles was worth the money he was asking for. In the end, it came down to two things: Magnus is locked into a long term deal and AJ's payday from the PPV stipulation dealing with challenging for the title had to be addressed. This is how TNA booking seems to be working: wrapping up character storylines 6 months to a year in advance.

Now, TNA has time to work on how Magnus is going to fit into the World Title picture or how he's going to get there. With a fully loaded title picture already, there is plenty of ways to get him there, but they now have time. With AJ AND NOW, with Hulk Hogan, they had to do something. SO, fast forward two weeks and now Dixie is working on trying to mend a little rift in her relations with Hulk Hogan. What was wrong? Hulk was upset that Brooke was written out the way she was and that he wasn't consulted before letting her contract expire, possibly enabling him to negotiate on her behalf.

TNA Creative has a plan, though. They decided to scrap SOME of the plans and prepare for the worst, meaning that Hulk Hogan may NOT re-sign once his contract expires on October 1st. So they decided to take a page from Eric Bischoff and, incidently, CM Punk's playbook and work the controversy. Let AJ vent on camera and let's have a president and poster boy stand off. This does two things: it gives fans a break from the GM AND helps draw attentions away from his absence. It also makes a way for the potential return of Jeff Jarrett in some kind of on camera role. He's already begun helping with some of the day to day running of things and, at least in my mind, he's preparing for a return.

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