Monday, October 7, 2013

Survival Tactix: 20 Questions....5..

In spite of the virtual standstill in terms of news, I've got a question to pose. Of course, this once again comes on the heels of my reading yet another column. I think it best to preface this entire column by saying that most of the columnists I post reactions to here are actually those I have a great deal of respect for. The good people over at have a great site and, though I might not fully agree with some on their staff, they DO have a resident TNA columnist who does fine work.

Okay.....having said ALL that, MY question is more of a follow-up to an idea conveyed in a recent column posted just this past week.

Who does WWE hate more: Ring or Honor or TNA?

The tally marks I've laid out many times before concerning the sheer volume of talents who were TNA Originals and had no previous WWE ties is startling, to say the least. Lance Hoyt, Monty Brown, Chris Harris, and others had no prior Ring of Honor ties. For reasons I'm not entirely certain of, WWE ransacked their roster over the past couple of years, bringing in some of ROH's best. While CM Punk, who DID have some prior TNA ties, and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) had moderate success, (NOTE: To anyone who wishes to dispute my assessment, I'm more than willing to oblige.) on the other hand, guys like Antonio Cesaro, Kaval, to name from the top of my head, have been almost criminally mistreated, serving as match fodder for guys like Santino Marella.

Returning to a comment noting "moderate success": In columns on this very site during the infamous "Summer of Punk" in 2011, I went to great lengths condemning WWE for their HORRIBLE booking of his year long title reign. Not only did he rarely get top billing during that time, when it came right down to it, be it a push from Alberto Del Rio, the pairing of John Cena and the Rock, or the debut of the Shield, Punk was almost always relegated as background noise. He was buried by Triple H for comments he was clearly given clearance to say live. Since then, he's simply not been the same.

Moving on to Daniel Bryan: From being suspended for using Attitude Era rules in a PG environment, to being a transitional champion, losing at Wrestlemania in 18 seconds, Daniel Bryan has been woefully mismanaged by WWE since he came in. The man can work a match with a dustmop and have you actually believing that the mop might win, but you'd never know it with what WWE gives him to work with. Yes, he's won titles. Yes, he's been given some exposure. YES! YES! YES! (Note of sarcasm) I can't even imagine his climb to the top of the ladder and finding himself for nearly a year in an anger management tag team role. I'd have packed my bags and left mentally. My going through the motions would only be the minimum standard. Simply put, I have NO clue why he stuck through it.

If the choice were placed before ME? I say WWE hates TNA far more. Why? Because at the end of the day, WWE has ALWAYS been quicker to release former TNA talents than they are those from ROH. Mistreated or not, the ROH guys are still employed. Lance Hoyt, Monty Brown, Chris Harris; none of them are....period.

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