Thursday, October 24, 2013

Survival Tactix: About that "Reset" Button....

Every so often, news outlets and reports will come out about TNA going back to reclaim bits and pieces of old times. For example, a few years back, a reporter caught up with Jeff Jarrett and Eric Young.....

This guys would NOT let go of the 6 Sided Ring for nearly 3 minutes. And, to be fair, Jeff Jarrett never gave him a reason to. If you read between the lines, it seemed clear, at least to me, that Jarrett wasn't pleased about the veering away from that bit of TNA history lost, and to be fair, neither was the common TNA fan when it was changed at Genesis of 2010.

 Fast forward to just yesterday and a bit of TNA news I found interesting concerning a TNA advertised event at the Kansas Expocentre for September of 2015 gives a seating chart that looks something like this....

Look familiar? If there comes a war with the way things are and the way things had been up to this point, we may be looking at the new arrangement for the coming calendar year. I've heard all kinds of things pointing to the return to the 6 Sided Ring as a way to stand out once again and the criticisms that kind of move could possibly bring, but the fact of the matter is that for 7 years, the 6 Sided Ring, like it or not WAS TNA. It was one of a few ways TNA stood out from every other wrestling promotion on the entirety of the wrestling landscape. 

I, for one, am ecstatic at even the POSSIBILITY of TNA reverting back to it because I believe there is merit in recapturing a piece of TNA's identity and embracing who they are as a company and what they are as a member of the wrestling community. But enough about my opinions of the ring. Suffice it to say that there, now, is some potential for TNA to generate some fan buzz because it's going to take a major storyline to bring TNA's ring staple back to the forefront after it being absent for nearly 4 years.

I've been calling it for a long time, but I don't think there's a way around it. Jeff Jarrett HAS to make a return to TV. Why? If there's even a shred of credibility to the news surrounding this Kansas Expocentre event, it means that sometime within the next year, the powers that be fall to a changing of the guard. Since I see no evidences that Dixie will remain as the figure of on screen power long term, the mantle HAS to fall to SOMEONE and, since there are no powers who could make that kind of Impact (pun intended) aside from Eric Bischoff, who has NO interest in returning to television as an on screen character, that leaves one man to do the job.......guess who?

This guy. The Founder. The King of the Mountain, himself. In fact, the rumors don't end with Kansas Expocentre's re-introduction of the 6 Sided Ring. There have been rumblings that could mark the return of the TNA exclusive gimmick matches like the "King of the Mountain" match or the Terrordome or the hardcore "House of Fun" matches, just to name a few. The general feeling is that TNA has lost their way in the shuffle towards a WWE battle, which may eventually find its way to fruition. If and when that day comes, there are those who believe it would be a mistake to try and take on the beast as a carbon copy of times gone by. Rather than that, according to those close to the situation, it's best to simply be who they are and let the chips fall where they may. Take it for what it's worth, but in MY view? This is some of the best news a TNA fan can hear.....TNA wants to just be themselves.....a finer concept cannot be found and not only as it relates to wrestling, but to the rest of life as well.

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