Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Survival Tactix: The Answers....

Folks, I've been doing this blog as on the daily as physically possible for almost three years now, with nearly 850 columns here to credit, which is a milestone of sorts. In all that time, you know what bugs me? The people in forums who try to say that TNA needs to do this or that and then (and only then) they will be successful and be able to compete with WWE in THEIR yard. You know what I've seen in the time I've been writing here?

Vocal fans wanted to see TNA pick up some star power to enhance their product. Guess what TNA did? They signed Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Sting, Team 3D, Rhino, Raven and all kinds of other talents to try and bolster the numbers for them.

The fans asked for TNA to sign the top names in the indies. Guess what TNA did? They signed Austin Aries, Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, and all kinds of other indy talents who were looking for a break into the big time to try and help bolster the numbers for them.

I've become convinced that some wrestling fans simply will NOT cheer for TNA. Now, I neither understand this assessment nor condone it, but it SEEMS like it's the case. For those of you wondering, yes; this is a bit of a rant. There are the fans who CLAIM they want TNA to succeed who won't watch, yet still think they can have an unbiased opinion of the product or that they can book the product better than those in power. Or those who "were old school fans" who watched back when they were putting on shows in the Asylum and believe TNA was better off then than they are now....really?!

I actually had someone respond to a column I wrote elsewhere who told me they stopped watching when it looked like TNA stopped looking like an indy promotion. With all due respect, good riddance to those who don't wish better for TNA's talents or their staffers. I, for one, WANT TNA to succeed and will continue to watch to that end. Do I enjoy EVERYTHING I see? Absolutely not, but do I take the good with the bad? I absolutely do.

I'm getting a little bit sick of the people who have a list of grievances for TNA as long as their arm for signing Hulk Hogan or not signing that person or for changing their format or whatever their gripe is for the day. For some, it's the perceived misuse of talents who "should be" in the top tier and for reasons beyond their understanding aren't. For others, it's that TNA books former WWE talents as top stars even when they were only mid-card talents at best. For some it's the Knockouts Division and the systematic dismantling of that portion of the roster. The list is long and expansive, but the spirit of the argument is the same. You want the perfect wrestling company without the trial and error of finding out what works. I get it....I really do.

I miss the 6 sided ring. I miss a few of the Knockouts. I miss some things that I felt were important, but here's the thing.....it can't stay the same forever. Simple as that. Right now, we're on the verge of a new era in TNA history that won't be led by the legends (Sting, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, etc.), but by those who have been a part of TNA's legacy (AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, etc.). TNA is adjusting to not having some of these assets they've been accustomed to having the past few years as readily as they'd perhaps like. Angle is pretty much gearing up for a more part-time role; Sting is nearing the end of his in-ring career. These are major players on TNA's role sheet, folks.

You can call this blog a daily dose of TNA-based spin all you want and I don't apologize for "Crossing the Line" and not looking back. This is a company that relishes critics counting them out or done for that they're going out of business. Some seem hellbent on claiming that TNA is a failure. You want to dispute TNA's success? Fine, but bring something to the table better than "TNA's a joke" or "TNA's a third rate wrestling company" to the table. As far as THIS TNA fan is concerned, an 11 year run with more than half of it being run on a worldwide stage with well over a million AMERICANS viewing each week and AT LEAST as many in the UK alone, making it a higher rated show than WWE overseas is a great big "Stone Cold" salute to those who want to cast TNA aside as "third rate" because with numbers like that, the "joke" is on them.

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  1. As ever, I really enjoy your posts. 850 posts is fantastic. I'm a TNA fan living in the UK and I've just seen BFG 2013, thoroughly enjoyed it, and looking forward to Impact Sunday night.

    I think because of our fans over here, a PPV is a REAL possibility.

    Keep up thr great work you are doing, looking forward to post 1,000!!!