Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Survival Tactix: Bound for Glory IX.....

Nearly every year, Bound for Glory, Wrestlemania, and every other landmark PPV for every other wrestling company that is ABLE to DO PPV has their card pretty much in stone by this time. This year we have two episodes of Impact to set this whole thing up. Is this a good thing? Maybe. But could this be a very bad thing? Without doubt.

This week comes to us LIVE and the tapings for the lead in show to Bound for Glory fall on the same day, making it incredibly easy to infer where TNA plans to strike. I know how I would set things up OUTSIDE of the World Tag Team Title match and the World Heavyweight Title, but the rest of the card could play out COMPLETELY at the drop of a hat, to be honest.

In order to put together this card, we have to have the facts in order:

1. Aces and Eights ends at Bound for Glory. By that, I AM referring to the working order of the faction. This relates directly to the next fact on the list, as it gives a place for Bully Ray to land after Bound for Glory.

2. There are still 2 members of the TNA roster under negotiations; Ken Anderson and Mickie James. As of last week, Anderson, James and TNA officials had their sit down and it remains to be seen or heard what the final verdict is in those negotiations. BUT neither Anderson nor James has made a public upper tier appearance as of this post, meaning that both sides are interested in the negotiations process.

3. Hulk Hogan is also in negotiations. Granted, I'm not convinced his presence makes a single bit of difference to make up of this card, it is important to note nevertheless because it DOES have some bearing as to where TNA goes after the event is over.

So how does it go?

AJ vs. Bully Ray
Gunner/Storm vs. The winner of the pre-show match
Magnus vs. Sting
Austin Aries vs Manik vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy: Ultimate X

If TNA re-signs Mickie James, she's my pick to face ODB otherwise I think we'll end up with maybe Tessmacher to put the final nail in the coffin of failure for the Aces and Eights faction.

We'll see the return of Kurt Angle, but my understanding is that he's not going to wrestle this year's event.

That's 5 matches, but TNA's premier PPV usually runs with 7-8, so I'll guess at a match between Knux/Brisco/ Garret vs. Joe/Bradley/ and the return of Abyss

Since that and the Ultimate X Match will command could command an hour's worth of time, I believe the entire event will run to time and we'll see minimal filler videos, promos, and the like.

That's MY rundown as I see it, here's hoping they stick with the plan.

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