Friday, October 25, 2013

Survival Tactix: Impact Revisited....

In the past 6 months, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Suicide, and a few others made returns to TNA, some of which ended up remaining on the active roster ever since. As of this post, there have been rumors going around that claim TNA has plans to bring back even more, including a couple that may surprise the TNA fans, in particular. Additionally, there have been talks between another former WWE roster member within the past few months behind closed doors and it may involve more than just one in the deal, provided signatures can be procured on the dotted line.

In 2010, Matt Hardy joined TNA briefly, as a member of Immortal. In his stint, he cut a promo on James Storm, introducing a tag team partner for an upcoming PPV. His partner? "Wildcat" Chris Harris, who every TNA fan knows, was a part of America's Most Wanted, one of TNA's elite tag team tandems. What most people DON'T know, is that shortly after the PPV, Harris was in talks with TNA management about a return on a more permanent basis. He was told to get back into ring shape and then they would discuss the potential. Fast forward two years and the subject comes up once more. Is it possible that TNA brings back the "Wildcat" for another run?

During TNA's themed PPVs, one PPV featured the return of a World Cup Tournament of sorts, featuring 4 teams of performers, each with a Knockouts representative. Among them was a name who caused a great deal of short term stir after she was cut from her Gut Check Challenge. Her name? Ivelisse Valez. For that PPV, which airs in February of next year, she appears as a member of the Aces and Eights, actually gaining a victory over Mickie James. Her name has come up more than once in discussions over future Knockouts potentials since her Gut Check elimination and there are rumors that this One Night ONLY PPV was the beginning of more than just a one night stand with the company. Do they bring back the Knockout with a MMA background to a product influenced in that direction by Bellator?

Another familiar name shows up on the very same PPV that brought Ivelisse also appears on TNA's 10 Reunion PPV, making the notion of a One Night ONLY appearance more of a question than an answer. His name? Chase Stephens. It seems that TNA has been looking for ways to bring this guy back again and again, using his name as a draw during the fan vote laden Gut Check voting tourney, in which a name was chosen as the victor, but was never given a tryout on live television, as it turns out. But that notwithstanding, TNA has been laying out the carpet for Stephens to make a possible return and, with so many avenues by which they've given fans the option choose, it seems very possible we may see one of the most "Natural" returns so far.

As for the WWE roster members? In a recent interview, he told the interviewer that he's been in talks and that he wants to know what they have to say. TNA officials are interested, but not in him in his own right. Rather, his long time ring partner would become a part of the deal as well, making them both a very valuable commodity for the roster. Go ahead, have a look....

Melina and John Morrison. The Knockouts, as I stated many times before, needs some fresh faces and Melina is among the bright spots of WWE released talent who fits the bill as a possible asset to TNA's division. I realize that this would make a more lopsided division, heavy on former WWE talent, but with so few indy talents on the scene who are willing to test the waters with the number two wrestling fed out there in hopes of securing WWE aspirations, former WWE WRESTLING talents have been GOOD for TNA, historically speaking. Tara, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Brooke Adams, Taryn Tarrell; all have been big moneymakers for TNA's division, providing more than their share of entertaining matches and selling decently in terms of merchandise to boot. I see no reason why Melina would be any different on that note.

As far as Morrison is concerned, name one division a guy of his caliber would excel. How about the X Division. Putting his ring credibility in the ring against some of TNA's finest would be a great way for all talents involved to test their metal. Additionally, he has a great running history as a member of a tag team, making him an asset on that front as well. Bottom line: he'd be a great acquisition to add to TNA's roster as a tactician, a high flyer, and a tandem player.

Could there be others who might find their way back to TNA in the coming year? Without a doubt and some I have yet to cover, one of which made a decline earlier in the year, but may be more willing down the road. I'll keep THAT name to myself for the moment, but there IS more to come.....stay tuned....

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