Friday, October 18, 2013

Survival Tactix: Long Way Home.....

A long time ago, I took a drive one night. It was cold and it was dark that night and it was through a neighborhood I was completely unfamiliar with. To cut down a long story, a couple of wrong turns later, I found myself lost. With no clue how I arrived and no cell phone to speak of as it was dead, it became obvious I had no choice but to travel in one direction until I found my way out of town and only then was I able to turn myself around and find my way back into town from a different perspective. What I did during that time, may surprise you. I turned on my radio, found a set of tunes I liked, and began enjoying the ride, knowing home was just a matter of time.

How does this story relate? This organization I talk about here as often as I am able to find time to write about has wandered into unfamiliar territory (the road) and gotten themselves into an interesting position. What's more, they've determined to try and make their way back to a stationary locale and find their center once more. To me, that's admirable; it's true to life; it's home. There's something to be said for making the best of a situation that may be less than pleasing to the eye, or the pocketbook, as the case may be. Some (WWE) will never truly be able to find their way back to the place that made them the powerhouse they are today. Others, however, will get the chance to remember by looking at those who've stuck around to see home firsthand rather than venturing to find it themselves.

For TNA, this is the long road home. It marks the end of the great experiment and it marks the place where their long suffering will begin to pay off. How so? By venturing so far from their center, it's much easier to turn around and see themselves clearly. TNA isn't WWE. They aren't WCW. They aren't ECW. They aren't Ring of Honor. TNA is a company unto themselves. TNA is a company founded around the very idea I started this blog around. "Wouldn't it be cool if.....?"

"Wouldn't it be cool if a wrestling company didn't have to rely on a television spot to survive?"

"Wouldn't it be cool if a wrestling company didn't have to count on the World Title to make their roster stand out?"

"Wouldn't it be cool if a wrestling company didn't have to worry about bumping their heads on the censors in order to keep their endorsements?"

You get the idea. TNA begins a trip back to where it all began, taking a few lessons with them for the journey. I'm not necessarily saying they're going back to the Asylum, though it WOULD be cool to see it once again. In fact, I'm VERY doubtful we'll see it as they've been in talks with Universal Studios to make their return to the Impact Zone. I AM, however, saying that the company gets the chance to go back and make some things right. Not very many companies get that kind of chance, particularly when they view the road the way TNA has. I don't see the great experiment as a failure. Not in the least. I see TNA's traveling schedule the same way as I saw the Monday Night experiment.....something that they now understand they're not quite ready for yet. Is that a bad thing? Not to me.

TNA is caught between two places. Being too big for what they were and not big enough to make the jump into where WWE is swimming. The way I see it, there's only one thing left to do.....go bigger than the Impact Zone, but find a place to set down some roots and build up a bit more. There's nothing wrong with traveling, so long as there's enough funds to go around.

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