Monday, October 21, 2013

Survival Tactix: Tales of Glory.....

So here we are, 24 hours beyond TNA's biggest PPV of the year and I now ask myself: Did they live up to the hype? Did we get our money's worth? Did TNA actually hit the reset button? Before I get into  whether or not they actually hit any kind of "reset" button, maybe we should tackle a few facts, shall we?

Every title changed hands. That's right, not one belt stayed with the man or woman that held it walking into the event. Chris Sabin, Bromans, Gail Kim, and AJ Styles each won their respective bouts and there was plenty of shenanigans to go round with the return of Abyss, the debut of Lei'D Tapa, and the tease of a screwjob for the main event that never actually materialized. So has anything changed? In my humble opinion, it's best to wait until Thursday to answer that question, but as far as the PPV itself?

The moment that sticks out to me and one I daresay may never come again is Kurt Angle's induction into the Hall of Fame. Kurt Angle had his very own "Jeff Hardy" apology moment where he gave fans his promise that from this day forth, he'll be working twice as hard to not let them down as he had in the recent past and declined his induction. Seriously. Some might call it false humility or whatever else, but it gave me a newfound respect for the man. That was a classy move to postpone his induction until such time as he felt it was earned.

Some may never forgive Jeff Hardy for Victory Road of 2011, and that's entirely up to those people, but Kurt Angle spent his past couple of months in rehabilitation very publicly, I might add. With those months behind him and a vow to keep, I only see bright horizons for the "American Hero". In his loss to Bobby Roode, he may have given Roode an added bonus as the new forefront heel since Bully Ray was dethroned by a vengeance-driven AJ Styles.

Does it hit the "reset" button? In a way, I suppose it does. It rewinds the clock back to the beginning of the Bully Ray heel persona and the last AJ Styles title reign, but it also gives me some hope that we'll see some closure to the era we've just come out of, or rather the era we MIGHT be coming out of as there are no guarantees that Hulk Hogan is gone for good as of this post.

What interests me about the way all of this played out is how AJ is in the EXACT storyline place that CM Punk was in 2011 during the "Summer of Punk" as it's now known as. The difference so far? He's been booked already to face Bully Ray in a rematch on Impact. But if he wins once again, what then? I have heard interesting rumors about Anderson's return to splinter the Aces and Eights by putting Bully Ray out of commission, allowing the AJ Styles saga to venture outside of TNA. The talk has gone so far as to suggest that he defends the TNA World Title in Japan for the EVOLVE-1 promotion or New Japan among other organizations just as CM Punk made threats to. THIS would put Styles in a class of one. In that way, he would have no peers, no comrades, no competition. His reign would instantly make his newest reign more legitimate than Punk's year long charade.

But how does it end if he loses the belt? That's a story I would LOVE to hear and see told on screen, but until such time as the belt is defended this last time against Bully Ray, we have to wait for now. I say the question once more though, just to give you guys something to think about.....what if?

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