Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Merits of the State of TNA......

I've decided to take a break from the norm and put the "Survival Tactix" mantle aside. Why? Because there are some positives I'd like to draw EVERYONE'S attention to. Now, let's assume that, as was rightly pointed out, the Carter family, who owns 70% of TNA's assets determines to sell their share of the TNA business and are therefore no longer liable for any losses sustained in the deal. Now that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are effectively done with the company and the losses caused by the traveling schedule will be eliminated by the semi-permanent move back to the Impact Zone a few things are on the books for the future, which we ALL can agree are good things.

1. With the freed up monies, TNA officials are planning on bringing back some names in every division, emphasizing the Knockouts Division and the X Division AND the Tag Team Division. That fact alone has many talents relieved, with the knowledge that some cuts can, and likely will be withdrawn. Names like Taeler Hendrix, Ivelisse Valez, as well as a few from TNA past have been scouted and been put on a short list of returning and/or debuting names for the Knockouts Division.

2. To capitalize on a story I broke earlier last week concerning the possible return to the 6 Sided Ring, the seating plan was leaked online to get a feel of the kind of reaction of fans from forums and all forms of social media. With the overwhelmingly positive response, there are plans for TNA to return to the former ring, possibly as soon as next year sometime.

3. TNA's tour of the UK will STILL happen, as well as a great many house show dates back in their home base area in the southeast. Folks, what this move back to the Impact Zone means is that live Impact broadcasts will still happen and they will still move around, but they save money on the flip side by not having to tote around cameras and the full blown set for each tour date.

These are just a few things from the top of my head to bring to the forefront as a way to give this some positive light. In the coming days, I'll pull the curtain back and reveal some names as to who likely is on the return list. Some names have me VERY excited, I'll tell you that much. So stay tuned.....

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