Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So now the forums and outlets are reporting what I predicted just yesterday.....interesting. As interesting  as that news is, what fascinates ME is that no one is saying a word. No criticism. No opinions to either direction, in fact. Billy Corgan is the mystery businessman and he's made himself a very wealthy friend, from what I'm told, which puts TNA into an interesting place in the scope of wrestling history.

Does anyone want MY opinion? I'm happy to give that much. This kind of news is the best thing that has EVER happened to TNA. Why? Because it gives them some much needed momentum to move forward. Here's TNA's situation as of now:

-Spike TV's contract lasts until 2015.
-Storylines right now are wide open to allow for new creative direction to take over, should the opportunity present itself.
-Partnerships and functions between TNA and Mexican promotions (AAA and CMLL among others) as well as Japanese promotions (New Japan and Wrestle-1 among others) are in place and cooperating very well.
-Universal Studios has agreed to aid in new ways to continue innovating the brand and making the shows fresh for their audiences in the wake of their return to the park.

Now, before I go much further into this, there are all kinds of "rumor killers" and such from EVERYWHERE stating that TNA isn't going up for sale. This goes as high as Janice Carter, the woman with the checkbook in the highest echelons of TNA management who has committed herself via memo to TNA's future. Representatives from Billy Corgan have spoken out as well, stating that they have been too busy composing the card for their 2nd Anniversary show coming soon. Long story short, the patterns are there. TNA is in prime placement and the players have found their place at TNA headquarters MORE THAN ONCE. What's more, it seems that there may even be yet another mystery player waiting and watching in the shadows, biding their time.

What's it all mean? From MY perspective, there isn't any reason to believe that TNA is going out of business. In fact, quite the contrary. Spike is satisfied with the ratings numbers; younger talents and TNA originals are getting good nods from management; and FINALLY TNA is understanding that the amount of TV time they have isn't enough to feature every person on their roster.

The campaign "Where the action never ends" is something long planned, but was shot down by creative head Eric Bischoff and seconded by Hulk Hogan during their active tenure. Their strategy was to focus all efforts into a singular primary story, surrounded by a few smaller storylines, but under the new campaign, ALL talents have been encouraged to send in footage to officials for posting to YouTube, Instagram, among other forms of social media they have partnered with. This allows for storylines to continue to develop beyond the limited parameters of the Impact Wrestling broadcasts each week.

Plans are still in place to bring back former active roster talents AND debut even more new ones, but the "who" and "when" have yet to be revealed. Put this all into perspective, people. If WCW had done what TNA has when they found out that the travel schedule cost too much, we may be watching Nitro instead of RAW today. This is the best evidence I know of that TNA officials don't want to see history repeating itself.

All of the above makes me believe that the more they deny, the more likely the deal is to go forward, and the more names will come out of the woodwork to bid for TNA's good name. To put a fine point on this post, TNA is in better shape than ANY critic could ever predict.

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