Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I've decided to put together something I don't think I've ever done. I'm going to narrow down all of TNA's history and give you all ONLY ONE talent I want to see make a return. You might think someone like Petey Williams or Alex Shelley. Good picks and, to me, the most obvious picks, but my answer would be "no". You might say Raven or Christian.....also good choices, but no. How about Chris Harris? Nope. Kong? Angelina Love? Mickie James? Sonjay Dutt? No, no, no, and no. So who would I pick? Before I give that away, let's have a look at the roster.....

TNA's roster is comprised of 46 people. 6 are announcers; 1 is out on maternity leave, and 2 are MMA fighters who have yet to have a match. That makes 35. Of those, there are 5 active Knockouts. Just 5....so NATURALLY I'm going to go with a Knockout. Does this mean I HAVE to? Not at all. I COULD have gone with an X Division star and if there were two spots in this column, I likely WOULD have gone with Jesse Sorenson, but I didn't give myself that kind of out. No, I said ONE and ONLY one. My pick is easy.....Ivelisse Valez.

TNA uses Bellator (or is it vice versa?) for cross promoting their product. It gets more people tuning in to the MMA product and has a decent enough following for the network they're on right now. Why is this important? Valez has an MMA background; Tenay and Taz made short work of announcing that when last I saw her perform, which, as it turns out, was on the Knockouts Knockdown PPV I just had the pleasure of watching a few weeks back. It was VERY nice to see her in a TNA ring again. For those who believe that was only twice she's been in TNA's ring, you'd be wrong. She ALSO represented Aces and Eights in the World Cup themed PPV this year as well. That makes THREE TNA WRESTLING appearances this year.

I guess I want one thing to be made clear here....this has everything to do with rebuilding a hole in the roster and this is the best choice I can make considering that she isn't new to the product and TNA had some backlash to endure after she was dismissed from her Gut Check Challenge EVEN THOUGH SHE WON her challenge match. To my mind, that fact alone SHOULD have given weight to her position in the endeavor, but the powers that be didn't share the perspective and so, she was sent home....but she didn't stay there. TNA brought her back....TWICE. Seems to ME that someone caught their eye. She's young, pretty, can hang with ANYONE in the ring, and could actually make submissions something special to the Knockouts Division. I won't call her a female Dean Malenko, but who's to say she couldn't be?

Apparently, Gail Kim has a 'blonde' opponent for Turning Point. Could Valez fit the bill? She certainly WAS blonde in the Knockouts PPV. However, Candace LeRae, as mentioned in an earlier column has mentioned making her way to the East Coast. Which direction does TNA go with THIS development? I know MY hope.

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