Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rebuilding the Divisions.....Knockouts Edition

I've stated in other columns that TNA is committing themselves to rebuilding what was lost in the past couple of years now that they've come back home to the Impact Zone for a time. Having spent a great deal of time going back and watching matches from some of the greats of Knockouts past, I find myself more certain than ever that the talent is out there and it's awe inspiring. Alissa Flash, Taylor Wilde, Sojo Bolt, Salinas, Ivelisse Valez, Angelina Love, Awesome Kong, Trinity, Rosita, and Sarita, among the host of other talents held TNA to the highest of high standards for women's wrestling competition. As it turns out, the powers that be haven't burned every bridge among the women who have put them on the map.

While Nikki Roxx has announced her retirement from the sport, moving side by side into the history books with Taylor Wilde; Trinity, Sojo Bolt, Jackie Moore, Alissa Flash, and Ivelisse returned for the One Night ONLY PPV this year, leading me to believe that there is some hope for the division yet. The question for this column, however, is who is going to be listed among the active roster members for this revitalized division? I have my hopes, but it ultimately rests on the shoulders of the ones making the decisions. That said, let's look at MY picks.

1. Velvet Sky- The most popular seller of Knockouts merchandise bar none.
2. Gail Kim- The history maker and innovator of the division.
3. ODB- The most recent fan favorite.
4. Tessmacher- Last year's most improved player.
5. Taryn Tarrell- This year's most improved player.
6. Ivelisse Valez- Lei'D Tapa's foil for the Gut Check Challenge.
7. Lei'D Tapa- The new amazon character.
8 and 9. Hannah and Holly Blossom- A FAR better pick than Rockstar Spud.
10. LuFisto- The single best competitor in the entire Gut Check voting pool.
11. Taeler Hendrix- The first female Gut Check winner.
12. Madison Rayne- Among the finest heel women to grace TNA's stage.

This is my roster compilation. Plenty of veterans to offset the disadvantages that youth might bring into the equation. There's enough diversity to make for some interesting match types, to be sure. If there was a return I could plan to surprise the masses, it'd be Melina Perez. It's about time to bring back someone familiar to the small screen. I can see some wheel turning....why not Angelina? Why not Kong? Simply put, they don't want to come back and even if they did, the fans know the difference between genuinely wanting to be there vs. having no choice but to come back in order to stay relevant.

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